Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beads, What I Wore, and Feelings

Today I am feeling like a failure at motherhood. I am frustrated, worn down, yelling more than necessary, and the house is a complete mess. I am trying not to beat myself up but it's happening. Instead of cleaning like I really want too I am sitting on the patio watching the big kids play in their pool which hasn't happened in forever. I am trying to fit everything into my day but I am failing miserably The time of day I usually clean is now devoted to feeding Little Miss. So I was using the kid's outside time to get my house work done but today they begged to come outside and honestly I was sick of saying "no" so I finally said yes. And instead of trying to enjoy it I am thinking about my entire list of chores that need to be done.

Maybe we should talk about happier topics like what I wore this week. I have to say though since having Brighton my yoga pants win over my jeans most days but still I am making an effort. Jeans refashioned by me using this tutorial.
All I did was take out the flare and make it a straight leg jean.


Top/Forever 21
Necklace/Beads by Cathy

In other great news, my mother in law has opened up her Etsy store, Beads By Cathy.  It is still a work in progress but the beautiful jewelry is now available for purchase.  Shall we see some of the beautiful pieces?   
Totally check her store out!  I should mention I am not paid at all to say that, we have a agreement that works well, I provide her with grandchildren and she provides me with pretty jewelry.   It is working out great so far.

Well here we are and it is the end of the day.  I am finally finishing up this post.  I am feeling a little less like a failure and more just defeated.  The kiddos definitely won today but my 2 hour nap made up for it.  Now I should get off the computer and clean while they are all distracted.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Do not feel bad, you are doing the best you can and you have THREE kids, one of them being an infant. I only have a seven month old and I was feeling the same way Monday. I was beating myself up because I am struggling with balancing everything and I felt I was failing at everything! I know it is hard to not get down onyourself but just know you are not alonez

  2. Girl, keep smiling. You are doing the best you can and everything is going to be fine! :) Love that Target striped cardi - I should have snatched it when I saw it at mine this winter! You are stunning!

  3. Yes motherhood isn't easy, some days are easier then other. That's for sure! Love your outfits, you look radiant mama!



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