Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A little bit of awkwardness

Shirt/Target--Scarf/Me--Jeans/gifted--Flip flops/Sanuk

Bracelet/my Mother In Law 
who still hasn't started her Etsy store even though she keeps tormenting me with pictures of her jewelry like these.  

Aren't they gorgeous.  I am hoping she makes the pink bracelet in a teal version for me.  

So I finally got brave and decided to let Jeremy take my what I wore picture and we did it outside.  Crazy I know.  Yep I felt awkward just like I knew I would.   But there was no way I was setting up the tripod to do these pictures because then my neighbors would have for sure seen what I was up too and then they might come talk to me.  Oh yeah, I am that girl that lives in a neighborhood and avoids her neighbors like the plague.   I do know 2 of them but they introduced themselves.  It couldn't be stopped.   Any ways back to the outfit pictures.   I asked Jeremy to take my picture and his idea of picture taking is just hitting the shutter button over and over again and we end up with beauties like this one below.  

Me laughing at his craziness.  

I haven't worn a flared leg plant in forEVER.  I am thinking about destressing them and making them a straight leg like it did with my maternity jeans but what I would really like to do is just get back to my regular size of jeans.   Speaking of which I get to start working out again on Friday.  I am super excited.  No running until I see my doctor again but he did say that I could start doing light exercise so I am totally resuming my barre3 online membership and I am excited to get back to work.  Hopefully I get ballerina arms!  I really miss working out and am glad that I am finally feeling up to it well I feel up to it right now it will probably be a different story when I am actually working out Friday.  

So far it has been a quite week considering it is only Tuesday night that is a good thing.  After telling you all about my morning yesterday it only went downhill from there but thankfully when Jeremy got home from work he could tell I was struggling and he stepped right on in.  And I am happy to say that after I clean bathrooms tomorrow my house will finally be clean again this hasn't happened since like 38 weeks pregnant.  
Today went much better, I actually got up before Brighton my amazing husband made me breakfast while I was showering and then I even got to blow dry my hair.   Which may not seem like it would make a huge difference but for whatever reason if I don't get my shower before Brighton's 7am feeding I am playing catch up the rest of the day.  So I took advantage of my smooth sailing morning and did my make up and put on something other than my handy yoga pants.   It feels good.  You should try it every once in a while if you don't already.   

I have been slacking in the picture taking department again so this morning when Fuss was holding Little Miss I decided to pick up the real camera instead of using my phone.

I cannot think of a title for this post.  Seriously it is a problem.  I am running out of things to name all my random post.  

Have I ever mentioned before that I don't love peanut butter.   Shhhh don't tell anyone in my family because I think this is grounds for being kicked out.  I like it but I don't have to have it.  Plus I put very little on my pb&j's which drives Jeremy crazy because the only reason he eats a pb&j is for the peanut butter.  I do prefer the crunchy kind though but the kids think it is weird and wont eat it which just makes me sad so we usually only have the boring smooth kind.  

Yep that was really random.  I think I should probably end this post before it gets any worse.

Anyone else have a hard time posing for pictures?  Oh wait, you mean you don't take pictures of yourself and post them on a blog thinking people actually care about the plain black tee that you tried to dress up with an animal print scarf?  

Anyone else not a lover of the peanut butter?  

Happy Tuesday night/Wednesday.   

Now I need to finish part 3 of Brighton Ann's birth story.  If you missed it and are interested you can catch part 1 here and part 2 here.  

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  1. Cute outfit!and that jewelru! It is gorgeous, she needs to make am Etsy account asap!

  2. You freak! You are totally out of the Bennett clan for your lack of peanut butter love. On another note you look beautiful in your pictures!


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