Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A day that turned around

Let me tell you about my day because I know you are dying to know how wonderful it is going.

First up we woke Brighton up with our alarms and no amount of trying to rock her back to sleep was working.

Then a little while later Eldon felt the need to poop in his undies and then take them off while said poop was still in them and drop it all over the bathroom floor while managing to get it all over him and his pjs.

When I finally got him cleaned up and went to get clean clothes for him the bedroom door made an awful noise and woke up a sleeping Brighton who refused to go back to sleep for the one nap I can count on a day.

I nursed her back to sleep after 30 minutes of rocking her while she was death screaming only to have her woke up once again by me closing the bed room door as I tried to sneak out.  Thankfully the swing put her back to sleep a for a little while longer.

I walked into my bathroom to see my contact case open and behold there is only one contact in there.  I guess it really shouldn't matter because my eyes have been so dry lately that I can't even wear my contacts but hey look they lost the right one oh goody that was the last one I had for my right eye so even if I wanted to wear my contacts again and if the stars aligned for that to happen I wouldn't be able to because I don't have a right contact.  And since Costco, where I fill my prescription, is a 2 hour drive well I guess I wont be fixing this problem.

A few hours later....

The beautiful thing about blogging is sometimes it helps.  It is nice to be able to vent when I need to, not that this blog can step in and take over for me but it gave me a place to take out my frustrations on someone other than the kids because before I sat down to write this they were getting a lot of my anger and that is never right.  I needed to step back and take a minute to cool off so that when things got out of control I could calmly deal with them not yell and scream.

Right now all 3 kids are napping which is basically a miracle.  I got to spend a couple minutes with the big kiddos making up for my bad attitude and when Brighton was done eating a little bit ago she entertained me with a few of her coos.

Motherhood is not easy.  Sometimes it just down right sucks.   It is hard being employed by 3 little dictators that can't get their demands in order but some days like today it turns around and I can attribute that too venting text messages to Jeremy, lots of prayer, and having somewhere to come to just let my feelings out.  So thank you to those who read this.

 mid coo

Now on to a life crisis, we have 4 Otter Pops left.   This is not good, not good at all!  

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