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A Brighton Ann birth story... Part 3

Well we are finally to part 3.  You can find part 1 here and part 2 here if you missed them.   

The meeting of the siblings

Bristol was smitten, Eldon wanted to play with Thomas, and I was happy to finally see all 3 of them together.   It was hard when they had to go, Bristol didn't understand why she couldn't stay with mommy and Brighton but her Grandparents did a good job of distracting her with pizza, mini golf, and swimming.   Eldon looked at "Baby Brighton" for all of 5 seconds and then he asked for the Thomas the Train Grandma brought with them. 

This is probably the hardest part for me to write.  It was so hard seeing Brighton with her tiny little IV.   I know low blood sugar was a very minor problem in babies, and we were very lucky that all we had to do was stay in the hospital 1 extra day.  But it still felt big at the time.   I don't think I finally relaxed over it until we were at her check up on day 5 when they said they wouldn't be testing her blood sugar.  I had been dreading that all day, having to watch her get pricked again was not something I wanted to do, especially since her little heels were still black and blue from all the sticks in the hospital.    Anyways, I am getting a little ahead of myself.

Since little miss was born at a whooping 8 pounds 12 ounces the pediatrician automatically requested her blood sugar be checked.   I guess it is routine with larger babies at the hospital I delivered at.  Since Bristol and Eldon were in the 7 pound range we never had to deal with this before and they were born in a different state, at a much better, and larger hospital.  When they did her first heel prick her blood sugar levels were at 25.  The doctor said the normal range was 55-75.   So in walks a nurse to tell me I need to give my little one formula because her sugars were low.  That is all she said.  No explanation further than that.    I automatically said no.  I mean, why would I give my little baby formula when I have successfully breastfed 2 kiddos before!  And from our first feeding session it didn't seem like this one would be any different.   She then went on to tell me I had to give her formula and that she just didn't understand why I was being so difficult.  Why would I be a bad parent and make Brighton get an IV, the alternative to formula, when I could just give her 1 ml of formula.   I still said no that I would like to try to feed her again first and after that if she was still having low blood sugar issues then I would try the formula.  My reason for this was because it didn't surprise me that she was having low blood sugar issues, I was struggling myself.  I always do after I have my kiddos.  In fact, I was working really hard to get my blood sugar back to normal when they came in.   But the nurse kept insisting and implying that I was a horrible mother because I was questioning her.  Why she thought I would even want her in my room is beyond me, since she was the nurse that didn't feel the need to call my doctor when Brighton was making her exit.   My nurse that I loved was taking a much needed lunch break at that time.  So the nurse left the room and sent in the lactation consultant.  I will probably never understand this one.  Why send in someone who is supposedly an expert on breastfeeding to convince me to give my baby formula, here is a thought; lets send in the pediatrician!  Or, you know, maybe explain why you want to give a 2 hour old baby formula before putting down an already emotional and worn our new mother?  Well, not new, but I was a new mom to Brighton.  The lactation consultant had the same method of convincing me as the previous nurse, make me feel like a horrible mother and then threaten me with an IV.   So since I was just sick of listening to them I agreed to it.  As soon as they left the room I texted Jeremy, who was at home telling the big 2 all about their new baby sister, that Brighton had to have formula and how they made me feel like the worst mother in the world because I questioned them.   So he raced back to the hospital because he knew I was still having a hard time with the after effects of labor.  By this time the nurse had already came back in with the formula and then stupidly walked right outside my door to talk about me.  I could hear her saying "I should have stayed in there and watched her because I doubt she is going to give that baby the formula".   Seriously!   I may not like it or understand it at this point but I am not going to lie about giving her formula.    Thankfully a few minutes later my wonderful nurse, Rosemary, I don't think I had mentioned her name before, this came back in.  She saw that I was pretty upset and went on to explain to my why the formula was the best thing for Brighton to begin with.  Finally the why!  Once she told me that formula is really high in sugar so it should bring her levels up to normal right away I was okay with the formula.  She also told me that most times it only takes one dose and then the baby's body takes over and starts working the way it is supposed too.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case for Brighton.   Over the next 6 hours I ended up giving her formula 4 times after the first time they upped it to 10ml and I was still breastfeeding.   The formula would do the trick for about and hour but then her blood sugar levels would get super low.   So around 11 pm on Friday it was decided that she needed an IV so she could get a constant dosage of glucose and hopefully after a few hours of this they would be able to take her off of it.  A new nurse name Audri came into to get her.   I asked if one of us was able to go with her.  Normally Jeremy would have been the one to go but he was so tired and since I had been napping all day I decided to go with her.   Brighton was a rock star.  She didn't even cry when the IV went in.   And Audri, she was amazing.  So sweet and patient.   Brighton started a fuss a little when they started taping her hand which I can totally understand because that is the uncomfortable part.

After the IV was placed Audri gave Brighton a bolus dose of the glucose and then she was on a steady drip for the next couple of hours.  Around 3 am they came in to test her again.  At this point Brighton would start screaming the minute they touched her heel.   Probably because they also had take a full vial of blood from her heel at some point during the day just to make sure there wasn't anything they were missing.   Thankfully the glucose was doing what it was supposed to and her levels were starting to look up.  Around 6 am on Saturday they turned off the glucose.   An hour later came the heel prick.   Brighton's body still wasn't ready.  Her levels were too low.   This time when they turned the glucose back on they also used a more potent mixture.   

The pediatrician came too see us around 2 pm and told us that Brighton would need to stay another night.   I was devastated.  It was hard enough having to see the IV in her arm all day but then to be told that we were staying another night.  I am pretty sure I started crying.  At this point I was so worn out, I wanted to sleep in my own bed, eat my own food, I wanted the IV out of Brighton's arm.  I wanted to go home and see the big 2 because the night before when they left after meeting Brighton, Bristol had a breakdown.  She wanted mommy home, which, considering she was crying for me and not daddy, made me feel even worse because I am not the favorite.  It was a lot.  But I came to terms with it and decided if we were going to be stuck in the dreaded hospital another night I just needed to get over it.   So that night I set my alarm and fed Brighton ever 3 hours.   And by morning my milk had come it.  This was a good thing because my day nurse, Jeannette, was confident that once I had my milk that Brighton would improve right away and boy was she right.   The IV was turned off again at 6am.  By 10 am her blood sugar levels were higher than they had been during all of the testing.   At 3pm we got the all clear.  We left the hospital.  

Early Sunday morning my face had started tingling but I was so ready to get home that there was no way I was mentioning it. Sure enough by Monday it was pretty evident that I had Bell's Palsy affecting the right side of my face.  Here we are almost 4 weeks later and I am just about back to normal.  

As you can see here my right, well left eye in this picture, still doesn't have full movement and the right side of my smile still droops a little but I am so happy that I don't look like I did right afterwards.

Overall this was my hardest labor, delivery, and recovery but Brighton is completely worth it.   After having the 2 miscarriages right before I got pregnant with Little Miss I was hoping we would have an easy time but sometimes things are not easy but God is always still there waiting to be my strength.  He got me through this, in a time when I am still feeling very removed from Him, He was there.  Right where He always is.   He also gave me Jeremy. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband who is willing to do anything for me and our kiddos.  Without him I would have probably collapsed.    My In Laws are also a huge blessing to us.  They kept the kiddos the whole time we were at the hospital.  Knowing that our kids were in such good hands allowed me to focus solely on Brighton and what needed to be done for her, I may have been stressing about our situation but I never once stressed about Bristol and Eldon because I knew their Grandparent's were there.  

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