Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Brighton Ann birth story... part 2

For part 1 click here.   

Within 3 minutes of getting my 2nd epidural I felt a peace come into my body. This time it worked and I was finally able to relax. Expect I had already gone through most of the labor. I just needed my water to break to have a baby. I have never in my life actually experienced this much labor and I pray that I will never again experience that much of labor. With Bristol I got my epidural at a 4 and Eldon I got it at a 5 then I slept until it was time to push.  Of course not until I after did my hair and makeup.  This time I didn't even bother to fix my hair or makeup.  I was so worn out that I welcomed the fact that my water hadn't broke.  At this point I needed to relax because there was no way I would have made it through the pushing phase if I hadn't.  My doctor also didn't want to get out of bed to break it so I was stuck waiting.
My oxygen levels were kind of low so I got the wonderful mask.  

Jeremy finally getting a little sleep after my labor drama.

Finally at 6:52 am the doctor came in and broke my water. And ,unlike with Eldon, nothing happened. In fact it felt like the baby went up higher instead of down. He hung out in my room for about 30 minutes and when it was clear the baby wasn't going to drop he left to go upstairs and do his Friday clinic.

Around 9 am when I was complaining about hunger the nurse decided that maybe we should try pushing to encourage the baby to head south.  At this point I was so stinking hungry that I was willing to try anything. After about 20 minutes of pushing and quiet a bit of back pain it was decided that she was probably sunny side up and that was why she was having a hard time dropping. She was also completely stretched out so when I would go to push she would push back on my ribs and hip bone at the same time it was such a weird feeling. So where were we, oh yeah, so after about 20 minutes nothing was happening expect me getting really frustrated because all I wanted to do was eat because I was getting super dizzy and worn out. My main nurse decided that maybe I should try switching positions.  Up to this point I was laying mostly on my side because I was having such bad back labor. As soon as the moved me Brighton dropped into place, my nurse asked the baby nurse to call my doctor and let him know he was need right away.   On the next push her little head came out and got stuck.  Mind you at this point the doctor is still in the next building over doing his clinic because the baby nurse had decided not to call the doctor after all because I had been pushing for a while already, so she thought it would still be a while and didn't want to interrupt the doctor.  So all I have is a nurse who is getting concerned that the doctor isn't here yet  because the baby was stuck and there was no way she could deliver said baby. Thankfully as soon as the baby nurse actually called the doctor he ran down to the delivery room, the doctor was able to wiggle her out without any help and 7 minutes from the time she dropped and 2 pushes at 9:27 am, Jeremy had the honor of telling me "We have a Brighton Ann". Such a wonderful moment. It was so awesome to finally meet her and have our guessing game end. Bristol was right all along it was a girl baby. I had stressed out all for nothing, she got the baby sister she wanted.

Brighton Ann, 8 pounds 12 ounces/ 20 1/2 inches long

Previews from our newborn session with Erica Stephens Photography.  You should definitely check out her page!

Part 3 is up next...

my little girl and her IV.

Part 3 can be found here.

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  1. Wow, it is crazy how much woman's bodies can take! You are def a champ! But I know it was worth it, she's beautiful!


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