Monday, August 5, 2013

A beach day

I am trying to blog now because last night I just wasn't feeling it.  Does anyone else ever get that way?  Anyways I have Bristol telling me "I'm still hugry", Eldon is sitting at the table eating all the left over oatmeal and screaming anytime Bristol even looks his way because he knows she wants some too, and Brighton is screaming at me well I am not sure why.  I suspect it is because she wants to fall asleep and she expects me to hold her for this whole sleep thing which I would love to do but I haven't vacuumed in like 2 weeks and since we have 3 dogs that is just disgusting.  Now Eldon and Bristol are going to fight over what we watch for our morning show while I try to get the vacuuming I mentioned above done.  I put Brighton in her happy place aka the crib and she still isn't very happy with me.   But I need a minute to myself.  Well I am not sure how that is possible but I need a moment of having my hands free of kiddos since Eldon has some weird random illness, still no clue what it is because he keeps telling me his mouth hurts but then refuses to open it up for us to inspect what could possibly be making him wake up 10 times a night.  Oh yeah he has been waking up more than Brighton who thankfully only woke up 1 time last night and gave us 2 wonderful, blissful 6 hour sleep stretches.  Well Brighton is going into her if you don't come get me right now scream mode I will keep going so I should probably go move her to a different nap spot to see if that will work.  Crisis adverted.  I went in turned her music back on and she seems to be peaceful again.  My children love their music when they sleep.  

Okay now that I am done telling you about my morning maybe I should tell you about our weekend.  It was wonderful.  We went to the beach Saturday which I was totally not looking forward too, between feeling like I was on my death bed Thursday and Friday from mastitis and then the whole you know having a newborn thing plus there is the whole fact that I don't really like the beach.  The main reason... it is usually cold.  Yes I think 75 degrees is cold. But anyways we went because Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle have a house down that way and since the live on the East coast most of the year he really wanted to go spend some time with them.  Which I totally supported because I like his Aunt and Uncle well his whole family actually and plus he is always willing to go to Winder Family gatherings for me.  So my plan was just to sleep on the couch while everyone was at the beach since I figured I would still be ill but thankfully the antibiotics started working that morning so that was a total plus. We still haven't quiet figured out how to get out the door on time and I had to stop at Target on the way to get ibuprofen for Eldon who was already not feeling the greatest so we were kind of running late and by the time we got there Brighton was starving again but I was smart and pumped as we were driving down the road.  Yep you read that right, I was pumping while the car was moving.  I am an odd duck but it works and it allows family members to get the baby snuggles they want right away because they don't have to wait a whole hour for me to feed her.  Plus it usually allows me a few minutes to get over the trauma of a 3 hour car ride.   Well this one wasn't actually bad.  Our only issue is that Bristol says she has to go potty about eighty thousand times because she is sick of riding in the car but I did what any good mom does and bribed her with being able to run into Target with me if she could hold it and then you know we were almost to the beach when she started up her desperate need to get out of the car again so we just bribed her with the truth at that point that we would be there in 5 15 minutes it also helped that as we were driving down the road we ended up passing her Aunt and Uncles car so she finally believed us that she was going to get to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tawny soon.  So anyways once we got there we had a blast.  Bristol loves the water.  I mentioned it last week but I wasn't sure if her love for water would transfer to the ocean because my love for the water certainly does not included the cold ocean.  Eldon loved the sand, he sat and played with all the toys for a good deal of time and wanted nothing to do with Jeremy's idea of playing in the water.  Then he did what any sick little kiddo does, he took a nap on mommy's lap.   Which was so cool because I can't even remember the last time he fell asleep on me.   My hate for the beach lessened  a little actually enough to offer the soon to be birthday girl the choice of spending the day there if that is what she wanted.  So far it looks like that is what she wants to do I am sure it will change again since every time I ask her what we are doing for her birthday I get a different answer.  

Wow this post is all over the place.  

Maybe I should have let my coffee actually start working before I drank it.  Speaking of which I am having such a hard time with milk right now but when you steam almond milk it taste burnt so when I want hot lattes it has to be with real milk which leads to a tummy ache.   Why am I not drinking my usual black coffee you ask, well actually you probably don't care or don't even remember that I love me some Morning Joe but its because it is a little too harsh for Little Miss right now.  She has no problem when I have a latte but when I have brewed coffee she tends to spit up everything she eats.  Thankfully an espresso maker lives in our house.  

Once again I kind of just went off topic.  So lets keep that theme up.  Here is a little more randomness.  

Daughters. We have 2 now, this is still crazy to me. I know Brighton has been with us for 3 weeks already but it still hasn't set in that I have 2 girls now.  That I have 2 daughters.  That I am going to have to deal with 2 teenage girls.  Well I choose not the think about that last part because I have a slight panic attack when I do.

A random conversation between Jeremy and I that I found hilarious.
Jeremy: I don't want my daughters to act like that.
Savanna: Daughters. That is crazy. I still forget that we have daughters.
Jeremy: Why because a Brighton is our third so you automatically assume she will be perfect.
If you knew our sisters, both the 3rd child, you would totally find this funny.  And in now way are we serious at all but its fun to joke around about. 

Bristol's imaginary friend is named Amazon, if she starts naming her other friends Target or Costco I should be worried.  Right?

365 for July... Not even sure I took pictures of the big 2 most of the month.  Eventually I will get around to posting it.

Well Brighton has finally fallen asleep in the swing, yep I moved her somewhere during my rant about coffee, my coffee is gone, and since Jeremy now knows I was blogging instead of vacuuming I should probably get to it because I cant use my usual excuse of the kids being to much work at the moment since I just ratted myself out.  And I only have about 30 minutes before I need to hook up to the pump to get Brighton's daily bottle ready.

Did you have a fun weekend?  Am I the only person in the world who doesn't love the beach?

Happy Monday

ps Jeremy wasn't her to approve proof this post so I am sure it make absolutely no sense, has lots of spelling and grammatical errors but just focus on the pictures of the cute kiddos.  Wait did I actually not post a picture of Little Miss?  Don't worry she was there, asleep in Maga's arms.  

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  1. You first children are just jealous because Third children are way more awesome! 😜


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