Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1 month old

I didn't have a white onesie so I put one on backwards.  

One month has already come and gone.  It went a little too fast for me.  I know I have been down this road twice already but I thought by savoring the newborn phase that it would go a little slower but I think, if possible, it went faster.

Little Miss is really starting to pay attention to her soundings.  When she is awake she is way more alert.  Although getting her to wake up when it is not her idea is a royal pain but let me tell you, when she is ready to wake up and eat you have .0001 seconds to comply or all hell breaks loose.

We seem to be getting a pretty good schedule down.  She eats at 7am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm.  Naps through out the day still don't seem to be on a schedule, but I am trying to make it happen so I have a clearer picture of when I can get stuff done.  

Night time sleep... well before Friday it was 5 to 6 hours stretches but since then it has been 10-11 hours.  And it has been wonderful.  Amazing.  Maybe one day I will catch up on sleep from the first 4 weeks and I will no longer be exhausted but I will take 10-11 hour stretches any day over those 3-4 hour stretches at the beginning.   So normally she eats around 7 pm and doesn't get back up till around 4:30-5 am.  In fact this morning I am not sure she would have waken up if it were not for me.  I was freezing so I asked Jeremy to cover me with the comforter and that is when she started moving around.  So we will see what happens tonight.

Oh, and Little Miss lets you know exactly what she will not be doing.  Like yesterday when I was trying to take her monthly picture on the actual day....

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  1. Happy one month! She is such a cutie along with your other kiddos! And I love the God Gave me You sign!


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