Thursday, August 29, 2013


Everyone keeps talking about how this weekend brings in maybe everywhere else but not in the desert. To me it means my birthday is coming!  Yay for Tuesday.    4 days later Bristol Rose will be 4. Yikes! Where has the time gone. I am all cool with her growing up but at this pace the next time I blink she will be 16.

Brighton is going on night 2 in the crib. It is so nice to not worry about waking the sleeping baby although Eldon wasn't too concerned about it last night when they were going to sleep.

Note I didn't complain about the heat like I did on Tuesday or like I did once again yesterday.  But you know, now that I mentioned it, never mind.

Now that I rambled on a bit, where was I?  Oh yes, lets look at some instagrams to see what we were up to this week.  I am betting there are a lot of pictures of Little Miss.   Follow along @crazyrandombennetts
Oh look I am 6 weeks old!  Mommy, DON'T blink!

Last Friday Little Miss turned 6 weeks old that means tomorrow she will be 7 weeks old.   7 weeks since our cute little dictator decided to make her dramatic entrance into the world.  

Oh boy does this little girl have us wrapped around her fingers.   This particular night she just wouldn't settle.  So Jeremy rocked her.  I went in to offer to feed her again and he said give me 10 more minutes.  30 minutes later no noise for either Brighton or Jeremy and this is what I found.  

My tongue!  I have a tongue!

She seems so big to me.  She never really did have that tiny newborn-ness.  

Before Wednesday it had been at least 6 weeks since I sat down for bible time.   It was LONG overdue.  

90 degrees in our house and the kids have on winter hats.  They are very confused.  

Oh look the cute little dictator is napping.  This was on Wednesday.  It was a bad day.  I commented on Instagram that she was just recharging her vocal cords.  Boy was I right.

Mmm, homemade granola.  
It was so yummy, I have eaten way more than necessary. 

Well that was our week in phone pics.  We need a more adventurous life!

There are no exciting plans around these parts, just staying at home.  Which is about as fun as it sounds.   Do you have any great plans for this weekend?

I think next week I am going to do a day in our life post because I want to be able to look back and see how it was.  I was reading through the archives trying to see what Eldon's schedule was like at this point and I never mentioned it.

Yep that's all I have tonight.

Happy Friday! 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A day that turned around

Let me tell you about my day because I know you are dying to know how wonderful it is going.

First up we woke Brighton up with our alarms and no amount of trying to rock her back to sleep was working.

Then a little while later Eldon felt the need to poop in his undies and then take them off while said poop was still in them and drop it all over the bathroom floor while managing to get it all over him and his pjs.

When I finally got him cleaned up and went to get clean clothes for him the bedroom door made an awful noise and woke up a sleeping Brighton who refused to go back to sleep for the one nap I can count on a day.

I nursed her back to sleep after 30 minutes of rocking her while she was death screaming only to have her woke up once again by me closing the bed room door as I tried to sneak out.  Thankfully the swing put her back to sleep a for a little while longer.

I walked into my bathroom to see my contact case open and behold there is only one contact in there.  I guess it really shouldn't matter because my eyes have been so dry lately that I can't even wear my contacts but hey look they lost the right one oh goody that was the last one I had for my right eye so even if I wanted to wear my contacts again and if the stars aligned for that to happen I wouldn't be able to because I don't have a right contact.  And since Costco, where I fill my prescription, is a 2 hour drive well I guess I wont be fixing this problem.

A few hours later....

The beautiful thing about blogging is sometimes it helps.  It is nice to be able to vent when I need to, not that this blog can step in and take over for me but it gave me a place to take out my frustrations on someone other than the kids because before I sat down to write this they were getting a lot of my anger and that is never right.  I needed to step back and take a minute to cool off so that when things got out of control I could calmly deal with them not yell and scream.

Right now all 3 kids are napping which is basically a miracle.  I got to spend a couple minutes with the big kiddos making up for my bad attitude and when Brighton was done eating a little bit ago she entertained me with a few of her coos.

Motherhood is not easy.  Sometimes it just down right sucks.   It is hard being employed by 3 little dictators that can't get their demands in order but some days like today it turns around and I can attribute that too venting text messages to Jeremy, lots of prayer, and having somewhere to come to just let my feelings out.  So thank you to those who read this.

 mid coo

Now on to a life crisis, we have 4 Otter Pops left.   This is not good, not good at all!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It is hot in here

It is freaking hot here!  Okay well that is not true it is just hot in my house.  It has actually only been around 97 degrees this week so when I go outside I am enjoying it but the house has been hovering around 88-90 because of the humidity.  We have all been miserable especially Little Miss Brighton who wont nap when she is hot.

So that being said I have gotten dressed like 3 times this week and only took a picture once.  I have had intentions of getting dressed and made up much more than that but I haven't because I hate putting on makeup when I know I am going to sweat it all off.  And if I am not putting on makeup why bother getting dressed at all?   Today I pulled on a new pair of jeans with a cute plain tank, did my hair and make up, but by the time Jeremy got home to take pictures, I was so hot that I was already changed into sleeping clothes.

Necklace//Beads by Cathy
I got this top at Target a few weeks back and I absolutely love it.   It has longer than normal sleeves for Target and I love its "loose" fit.   You cannot tell from this picture but it is a hi/lo style so it covers my butt area nicely.  It is super comfortable and if I could find it in my size in any other color, I would totally scoop it up.  

Shall we just talk about Target's lack of cute clothing choices these days.  Maybe it is just me but I am having a harder and harder time finding stuff there.  Either it is these hideous cropped neon tops or dresses/skirts/shorts that if you sneeze it will all fall out and seriously no one wants to see that.  Why can't they offer cute clothes that are decent?  

I bought 2 new pairs of jeans this weekend.  I am still not fitting into my normal jeans which is cool since Brighton is only 6 weeks old but I hate wearing my maternity jeans so I bought in between jeans that are cute.   I wanted something cheap since I hope to only be in them a few more weeks so I went to Forever 21.  I don't know if it was the store I was at but they had the like 80 pairs of the same jeans but they only had them in size 26.  Seriously!  Target's selection was okay but I really didn't want to spend $30 on a pair of jeans for a few weeks.  Its not a lot of money but still it seemed like a lot for an in-between pair of jeans.  Finally I ended up at Ross with my Mother In Law.  They had a really good selection and I was able to find 2 pairs for $27 total.  I was stoked.   You should probably know that I have a really hard time shopping at places like Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx because they are so cluttered and disorganized.  It overwhelms me.  And since I already hate to shop I avoid these places like the plaque.  But after my Saturday night trip I might be convinced to go back again.  

I have been fighting my allergies since Saturday.  They were at their worst on Sunday so Jeremy swooped in and saved the day.  He took care of the kids and the house and let me have a sick day.  I took like 3 naps and laid on the couch all day. It was a huge help and I felt a million times better Monday morning when he had to go back to work. 

I am kind of itching to chop my hair off again.   I know, I know I swore I wasn't going to do it a while back but it is annoying the crud out of me.  It is at that phase where it is just hugging my neck and in the 110 degree weather this is so not cool.  So I have been throwing it up more and more and if it was short again this wouldn't be possible.   I know once it gets about an inch longer it wont be such a big deal but for now I need to either get over my hatred for the mom-pony-tail or chop it off.   We shall see what happens.  Am I the only crazy one who gets an idea in their head to chop off their hair one day and it is gone the next?

We didn't end up moving Brighton this weekend.  A lot of it had to do with Eldon fighting off his allergies as well and us not wanting to interrupt his sleep but we also forgot to put the camera up in her room Friday before he went to bed.  So the plan is to do it this Friday.  I don't want to do it on a night where Jeremy has to go to work the next morning because I want to have his help for the first few days.

Has anyone made their own nursing bra/tanks? Did you feel a lot more supported? I found this tutorial and I am dying to try it with my bras.  I found a couple of tank tutorials but I didn't like that they basically leave you without straps since I usually use my undershirts for extra support.  So I think I am going to mess around with making my own because I really don't like the ones you buy.  First I need to order the nursing bra clasp and get a few more camis.  

I think I am going to try and get a work out in since I am feeling almost all better and I have really been itching to exercise.   

Happy Wednesday

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Favorite Things//6 weeks...

I love other blogger's favorite things post.   Especially since I am a review reader.  I love to read the reviews on any new product I am buying.  The Amazon customer review section is my favorite go-to.  I like to hear the good and bad.  So when I see a blogger write about a certain product they love or hate in some cases I take note.  Sometimes they are products I think I would like to try myself other times I just find the information useful.  Anyways, I wrote that whole big ol' explanation to tell you that I decided I would join suit and write my own favorite baby things.   Since this is the 3rd go around I am pretty set in my ways but I included a few old loves and a couple of new ones that make life with 3 little ones a little easier.  

Blankets//I LOVE these Aden + Anais blankets.   My sister got a set when Daphne was born and I swore if I ever had another they were a must have.   They are great for summer babies because they are super light weight so you can still put them over baby to protect them from the intense sun or random weird people who feel the need to randomly and awkwardly touch your baby. I use them for swaddling and as a nursing cover up when we are around family.   Another plus is the cute prints.  I actually picked this pack because of the turtle print since the big 2 are in love with all things turtles.

Stroller with carseat adapter and glider board// I am sure you are sick of hearing about the love I have for my Baby Jogger City Select stroller but it is a deep, serious kind of love.   I should mention that I hate strollers with a passion the only thing I hate more than strollers are pacifiers when it comes to baby stuff.   I didn't have one at all with Bristol.  Well, I had a jogging stroller, but the only thing I used it for was jogging.  Okay, slight lie, I used an umbrella stroller when I flew to California on my own with her because I was pregnant with Eldon and didn't want to carry here through the airport.  Anyways, back to the topic at hand, when Eldon was born I saw this stroller on line but since we thought we were done having babies at the time I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a stroller.  Especially since I never needed one with Bristol.  Well, when we found out we were pregnant with Brighton, I knew we would have to get a stroller.  We were finally out numbered and the day of carrying the carseat in one hand and holding the hand of the other one was gone.  So I did some research and kept coming back to the City Select.  I really didn't think Jeremy would agree to it, but low and behold, I have my stroller.  And I use the heck out of it.  I wont even take it out of the car to make room if we think we wont need it on whatever trip we are going on.  With the glider board I can keep all 3 safely with me and I don't have to worry about them running around in a parking lot.  Bristol loves that she can watch Brighton.   If you are planning to have more than 1 kiddo I highly suggest getting a stroller than can grow with you.  Several brands make them these days but I am biased and think you should totally go with the City Select.

Bottles// I searched everywhere for these and finally just ended up ordering them off of Amazon.  Thank goodness for Prime.  With Bristol these were the only bottles she would take so I just automatically used them with Eldon.  I tried a different brand with Brighton because Target no longer carries them in the store but I hated them so I went back to The First Year's Breastflow.  If you are breastfeeding these are a great option since they are designed to be just like breastfeeding.

Burp cloths//Well these are actually Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers but they work wonderfully for burp cloths.  Especially if you have a spitter upper like I do.   They do a pretty good job at catching all the throw up.  I have a stack of cute, useless burp cloths in the closet that I never use.  I used some left over fabric I had from Brighton's bedding and dressed them up.

Diapers//I love Flip diapers.  Normally I wait until the 3 month mark to start cloth diapering but as I mentioned before Brighton had a diaper rash that we just couldn't kick.  Even with massive amounts of triple paste we couldn't subdue it.  So we pulled out the diaper stash since a never ending rash is exactly why I started cloth diapering with Bristol.   I love the Flip diapers because they are really affordable.  I have a huge stash because with Bristol I only had 4 covers and 12 inserts which was totally doable and it only cost a $100 which is like 2 months supply of disposable diapers.  Just know that all the fun colored covers become addicting and before you know it you will end up with like 12 covers and 36 inserts.

Bouncy chair//Our Fisher Price Bouncy chair has a different cover but the base is the exact same.  This was a favorite of Eldon's and Brighton seems to love it just as much.  I am considering buying one for my Mother In Law's house so we can put Brighton in it when no one is holding her.  Which is like never.  So maybe I should just stick to the one at our house.

Ergo//I was a skeptic on this one.  I remember someone telling me it was the best thing in the world when Eldon was a baby and all I could think about was how the waist strap buckled on an area I would much rather not draw attention too after I had a baby.  I am not sure when my opinion changed but it did and I am glad it did because this thing has been a life saver with Miss I-don't-want-to-be-put-down.   It is super comfy, a little on the bulky side, but much easier to get into than the Moby I had with Bristol.   And there is a plus.  If you don't care about color, you can find them at TJ Maxx for about $70 which is almost half of the retail price.  I am still thankful that my Sister In Law mentioned that little bit of info to me.

Diaper bag//Oh my beatuiful Timi and Leslie Charlie II.  It is BIG.  Like I can fit 6 cloth diapers, 4 changes of clothes, my DSLR, iPad, all my purse junk, a changing pad, wipes, and a wet bag in here.  Like I said it is big.  The cool thing is it came with a lot of extras including a clutch which comes in handy when you are leaving baby with someone else.   I love it.  But you probably already guessed that.

So there you have it, my favorite things from the first 6 weeks of Brighton Ann's life.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Instafriday: Cookies and Kiddo's

This week was a slow one. Normally I can't believe it is Friday but Friday took forever this week. It seemed like a really hard week but looking back over these pictures I realize we had just as many good moments as the bad ones.  I would love for you to follow along on instagram @crazyrandombennetts  

She was refusing to nap.  So I put Little Big Town's Boondocks on and she passed right out.  It is a beautiful thing.

I am so in love with this little girl. She was peacefully sleeping in her Ergo after screaming about having to take a nap on her own. 

5 weeks old last Friday. I am having a hard time believing we hit the 6 week mark tomorrow.  We are kicking her out of room sometime this weekend, she gets to go into the crib in Eldon's room.  This is a good thing because mommy and daddy tend to accidentally wake her up in the morning but I will miss rolling out of bed to feed her.  Now I will have to walk across the hall.  

The are still in love with Brighton. 

She was not thrilled about the bow.  And yes the outfit is a set.  

I mowed the grass Sunday.  And I didn't mind it.  Seriously I would much rather do this than house work because I can see the fruits of my labor for much longer.  Am I the only crazy one out there? Oh and I was trying to get rid of my weird beach dress tan line. 

Another kiddo who doesn't look like she belongs to me.  Her eyes already look like they are going to be green or brown there is really no blue to them at all.  

P.S. personally I think all newborns look like wrinkly,angry little red things.  I have never been able to look at one of my babies until around the 6 month mark and actually see one of us.   

Trying to get back to clean eating, it is super hard after eating so many baked goods for 9 months.   This is one of my favorite clean eating lunches.  A sweet potato with a side of fruit.  Sometimes I get crazy and throw in hummus and carrots.  Anyone else find it really hard to get back on track after months of not caring?  

My girls

Bristol loves music, like seriously, this kid is singing and play her keyboard all day long.  Apparently since we haven't gotten  her a guitar yet she felt that the vacuum would make a good substitute.  

The Bennett Chariot.   

This stroller is the best $$$ I have spent in a long time.  I am so glad Jeremy let me splurge on it.  If you are pregnant with your first and plan to have more that one I highly suggest it because it grows so easily with your family and it is super easy to maneuver even with the weight of 3 children.  

This is all my mother-in-law's fault.  See, a few weeks back, she made these delicious cookie dough bites, like, oh my goodness they we so good.  I ate a lot of them.    I have been craving them ever since.  So when the kiddos were asking if we could go get ice cream I suggested this instead all so I could eat the stinkin cookie dough.  Yeah, this has nothing to do with clean eating!   

Well that was our week.  It was a rough one but we are finally starting to figure out what works for Brighton which is wonderful because it allowed me to get caught up on house work and be able to relax with out stressing about it.  

How was your week?  Anyone else feel like it dragged?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things they say

It is time for another installment of Things They Say. You know where I bore you with the funny stuff Bristol and Eldon say over the course of a few weeks. I actually stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs. You should check it out. 

Eldon: baby in belly. (As he lifts up shirt)
Bristol: you don't have baby belly you have heart in belly.
Me: he can pretend he has a baby in his belly
Bristol: my baby is going to come out of my belly. I have a baby in my belly like mommy.
Me: sure you do. Did you know aunt tawny has a baby in her belly?
Bristol: ya, like mommy and Bristol. Paga mark has beers in his belly
I am pretty sure she thinks being a mommy means you are a grown up.
Bristol: When I be a mommy I swim by myself.

Bristol: when I be a mommy I get ducklings, penguins, and elephants.
Me: maybe you should work at a zoo.

Me: Do you like it? (Eating tapioca pudding)
Bristol:Yeah. Its baby food.
Me:Yep, that is probably what meat baby food is like.

Jeremy: we need to change you shirt I can see your belly.
Bristol: its okay I like my belly. 
We are clearly going to have issues when she is 15.  

Bristol: I want to pet Brighton
Jeremy: we don't pet Brighton she isn't a dog, she is your baby sister. 

When trying to figure out when to use he/she.  Which we are majorly struggling with.  Anyone else have this problem.  
Bristol: Eldon is a he, uncle Jeff is a he. Daddy is a he. Aunt Tawny is a sheep.
Me: haha, a she

Bristol: Eldon I don't want to leave you at the library that would make me very sad. 
When talking about thunder and lightening 
Bristol: "is Mater out here too?"

During a rousing game of memory which I was purposely losing...
Bristol: I show you how to match

And that is all I have for this post.   I will be back to bore you again in a few weeks with the funny, cute, weird things I think my children say because lets face it that is all I have to talk about most days.  

I am thinking about doing a my favorite things post for baby stuff.  They are one of my favorite things to read on other blogs and I have found a few great items that way, so I may give it a shot.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I Wore

Sweater & shirt /Target
Jeans/ Gift
Shoes/ Toms
Scarf/Gift but I believe she said Charming Charlies

Shoes/ A random mall store

My sister in law gave me that beautiful scarf for my birthday and I may have planned my whole outfit around it.  I love scarves.  

I wasn't in the mood to blog on Monday.  Do you ever get that way?  I tried but I wasn't feeling it so I just posted my 365 pictures from July.  It was easy and I had been meaning to get them up but my brain dump post always seem more important.  So I think I shall bore you with some of my brain dumping today.

I forget that Eldon is 2.  Well I know he is 2 but he isn't going through the terrible two's quite as vocally as Bristol did.  So when he has a 2 moment, I am in shock.  Today he had one.  I was pumping and he kept trying to play with the bottles and I kept telling him no.  Finally I just sent him to his room and that is when all hell broke loose.  He has definitely been taking pointers on how to throw a fit from big sissy because I could see a few of her moves in his routine today.

I really need to buy batteries.  I always forget and then when I need them I don't have them.

Brighton is one spoiled little girl.   I never held/rocked/walked the other kids to sleep but she gets her way.  Mostly because I am trying to keep the peace.

I am eating banana flavored Chobani while writing this and I am not sure if I like it.  It is good but I guess I was hoping it would be more like banana pudding instead of sour bananas.

I had sweet potatoes, peaches, and grapes for lunch.  It is beyond time to get back to clean eating.  We are going to have one of my favorite clean eating dishes for dinner tonight, sweet potato black bean casserole.  It is super yummy, you should try it.

One minute my kids are shoving each other off the couch or stealing each others toys and the next minute (after I have gone crazy) they are hugging on each other and saying "Sissy I wuv you".   Can't we wuv her all the time?

I really miss my Morning Joe black coffee.   Like, I am craving it, I would much rather have a nice big ol' cup of that then moscato right now.   But Brighton's little tummy can't handle it so I will wait.   And dream about it.

I am seriously contemplating a pacifier.   Which I hate myself for because I hate pacifiers.  We have never used one.  I think there was a point with the older 2 that we seriously contemplated it but never actually went and bought one because it was usually short lived but with Brighton this is not the case.  For the last 4 days I have been dreaming about a pacifier.  I just don't know what to do.  I really don't want to use one but I can't hold her and rock her all day long.  I need her to nap.  I need a break.

And on that I will end today's post.

Anyone else hate pacifiers but finally give in because you just don't know what else to do?

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Monday, August 19, 2013

July 365

Well here it is the middle of August and I am just now getting July 365 pictures up.   We will just pretend I don't have an excuse as to why I am so late every month and say that my excuse this month is the best.  You know since Miss Brighton Ann joined our family.   

With a car loving husband it should be no shock to anyone that cars are a favorite play toy around these parts.  

Look at that huge pregnant woman.  And too think I still had 10 days to go.

Cherry face

Our not so little family.

family picture by Erica Stephens photography.

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