Friday, July 19, 2013

Random thoughts

I would like to say I have taken a 1000 pictures of Brighton to share with you but the truth is my recovery is going very slow and it is requiring me to pretty much be on bed rest aka couch rest so pictures of my beautiful little girl are just not happening as fast as I would like them too.

I wish I had more bows for her hair. I feel like such a slacker to not have a pretty for her hair.

I am so in love with Brighton. I find myself starring at her cute little face after our 4 am feeding which shows how much I am in love because I am willingly staying up a few extra minutes to admire her

Postpartum Bell's Palsy is going on here and it is not pretty. I am very vain about the way I look. I know it is a sin and it is a huge one that I struggle with. I try not to be so concerned with my looks but it is a constant struggle. This is probably God's way of making me deal with it. I am having a really hard time with being in pictures with my newest little girl because of how funky my face is. I really hope it goes away quick because we are supposed to be doing newborn pictures in the next week or so and I really don't want to be photographed this way. But I really want pictures of me and Little Miss so I need to get over it.
I cannot believe I am posting this picture but I wanted one of me and my 2 girls. 
The kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy right now and I think we are on a first name basis with the people at Walgreen's because we have been there every day for the last 3 days picking up prescriptions for me.

I still haven't started writing the birth story.

Today we had 2 doctors appointment to go to, my plan was to leave the house 15 minutes early since it is only a 2 second drive to both offices. Yeah we ended up walking out the door 5 minutes before we needed to be there. So the new plan is to leave the house 30 minutes early, this might actually let us casually walk into places instead of run into them to be on time.

Adjusting to 3 kiddos is going a little better than I expected. I am sure soon, once we are over the nice peaceful newborn stage it will be harder but for now things are a little better.

I thought it would be fun to share my last 2 what I wore pictures from when I was pregnant, you know, last week.
I love these earrings
Look how stretched out that shirt is! This is actually the morning I went into labor. I was feeling cooped up and it was story day at the library so I decided to waddle on down there with the kiddos.

And for my first postpartum WIW picture
Horrible cell phone picture but I snapped it on the way out the door. 

Well that is my random thoughts for today. I really should start writing my birth story but instead I am going to sit here and dream about sweets. I really want something like zucchini bread or morning glory muffins but it is a little hard to do when I confined to the couch so instead I will just dream about them. Or maybe I will try and satisfy my craving with something a little healthier like oatmeal since I am no longer eating for 2.

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  1. You are beautiful! No matter what! Take care of yourself Mama! If I lived closer I would totally make you some zucchini bread! I put chocolate chips in mine!

  2. Hey Savanna, Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog! Kudos to you for posting a picture of yourself during the recovery stage! My sister came over for the end of the week and helped me wash my hair (I am not allowed to be in the shower/any running water at this stage after surgery) in the sink and it felt like the most luxurious thing EVER. So I feel yah on the the not quite feeling yourself in the looks dept. :]


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