Friday, July 26, 2013

Instagram--surprise, surprise another baby filled post

I really should probably just change the title of all these posts from here on out to instababy like I had it last week, right?  I am loving my life so much right now.   We still have the same amount of stress going on and there are a lot of things up in the air about life right now but something about having a fresh new baby makes you slow down and remember to enjoy the little moments because before you know it she will be 2 weeks old already.  

I love that I have a phone that allows me to document all the little moments that my big camera isn't around for.  

This little boy loves his trains and cars.  We could probably get rid of all his toys other than these pictured here.  Oh and the other hundred Match Boxes that can be found in random places.  

She needed some kind of hair dressing until her new bows got here. 

We stayed on top of washing the laundry for the first few days home from the hospital, we just didn't fold it.  Finally after a week and not knowing what was clean or dirty any longer I had to fold it.  I was actually happy to fold it since I was on bed rest and couldn't do anything else, it made me feel a little on the useful side.  

I'm obsessed.  This particular morning I was supposed to be taking a shower and starting my day instead I was staring at Little Miss.   

"Hey mommy, my finger is falling apart!" We are not dramatic around these parts at all.  

Occasionally when not playing with trains he begs to hold his Baby Bright. 

I figure I should use my bed rest to make my nails pretty. 

Bristol insisted that Brighton wanted to watch Veggie Tales with her.  Instead Brighton slept.  

Her new flowers came.  I was trying to get a super cute picture of her because she was all awake and alert but the minute I pulled out my phone she started doing the one eye thing where she was peaking out just enough to see if the camera was still in her face.  

Our fridge was so bare Jeremy decided it was a good time to clean it.  We plan to fill it back up with food today but in the mean time we have enough milk to make mommy and daddy lattes until we get to the store.  It is all about priorities around here. 

I was sitting in my mother in laws office feeding Brighton and I looked up to see a collage of a Bristol when she was 7 months old.   We didn't know it at the time but I was just newly pregnant with Eldon.  This was also our first photo session with Elizabeth Ann Photography.  If you are in Colorado Springs you should definitely a check her out she does amazing work.   

After being awake for most of her newborn picture session she took a really good nap as soon as the photographer said she was done. 

First trip to Costco must be documented.  I know just how weird I am.  

I think that is all I have in pictures for you today.   It was a slow starting week that got kind of crazy Wednesday and Thursday but it was wonderful.  I love watching the kiddos with their families.  Maybe next time I will document that. Now we are going to head out to the grocery store and try to get the house presentable again because my sister and Daphne are coming up tomorrow to spend a week with us before they head back to Italy.  

Happy Friday

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