Friday, July 5, 2013

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I kept thinking today yesterday was Friday all day since Jeremy was home and my schedule had been thrown off by having company this week but no.  So when we got home from a wonderful day spent with my In Law's and their AC, I wasn't even thinking about writing my usual Instagram post.   But I love looking at these phone recaps so I am glad I remembered it before I passed out last night    You can totally follow our weekly craziness but be warned as soon as this baby decides to come out, my feed will be flooded with even more pictures of the kiddos.

So let's get started.
On the left I was 37 weeks pregnant with Eldon, Miss Bristol was 16 months old.   On the right I am  37 weeks pregnant with Little Turkey and Eldon is 2 1/2.   

I was laying in bed the other night and started thinking about the picture on the left and knew I had to do one of Eldon and Little Turkey.  I always forget how young Bristol was when Eldon was born but I absolutely love their age difference and I am quiet nervous about having a bigger gap this time around especially since I feel like I have already forgotten everything there is to know about newborns.  Look how much bigger my phone is these days.  Craziness.  

I was touching up 2 of my chipped nails the other morning and Bristol insisted on having matching nails.  I was more than happy to help her with this one.
Our dogs are such saints sometimes.  They endure a lot from the kids but they know there are usually food rewards that follow given to them by the kiddos.
Last weekend I was feeling good enough to knock off a few more miles on my 120 mile pregnancy goal.  I am still sitting at 6 miles left because I have been going non stop since Tuesday.  Which is cool with me because it has made the week go faster.   I may try to get a few done tomorrow but we shall see how my body is feeling in the morning.
It is so fun having a little boy.  He is definitely getting in to the cars and train phase.   In fact he spent the all day yesterday at Maga's house playing with trains.  I totally should have snapped a picture of that.  Bristol loves cars just as much but if you gave her a choice between playing with cars or doing something crafty she would pick the crafty every time especially if it is a crafty project in the garage with Daddy.
My car seat adapter for the stroller came in the mail Monday and I was super curious to see how well it would work out.  Since is is 1000 degrees out side I brought the stroller in the house to play with it.  After I had the car seat on the kiddos took it upon themselves to push each other, the dump truck, and baby Daphne (doll version) around the house.   Are my kiddos the only ones who can entertain themselves with a stroller for hours upon hours?  On a completely related note, I am still super happy with my stroller purchase.  I wish we had gotten it when Eldon was born actually.   It was a lot of money but totally worth every penny and as soon as we get the glider board Bristol will be able to stand on the back where Eldon is in the picture and I will have speedy transportation for all 3.   Hopefully I can find a glider board deal soon like the awesome car seat adapter deal I got.  1/2 off!
I love doing fun things with my nails.   I was using a different stripe technique this time so they didn't turn out exactly like I wanted them too but I think they were still awesome.  And Jeremy did a great job with the stars.
Eldon's bible verse frames have been sitting on my sewing desk for at least a month now, I finally got around to hanging them up Sunday.   It was long over due.
As I told y'all yesterday my sister, Daphne, and brother in law were here at the beginning of the week.   I loved spending time with this little girl.  I am going to be super sad when they go back to Italy in August.
Yeah, I put on a bathing suit.  I know I said I wouldn't in this post but seriously when it is 103 at 9 am in the morning I do crazy stuff like stuff my very pregnant body in to body hugging spandex.  NOT a pretty sight.
Jeremy and I sent my sister and brother in law on a date while there were visiting since they really never get a break back in Italy.  Daphne was less than impressed by my stellar self picture taking skills.   Heck the fact that she didn't cry the whole time they were gone was impressive, she even started smiling and playing right before they got back.  We will blame it on the fact that my sister left her security blanket, a jacket, in Italy because she didn't want to drag it through that airport.
Yesterday we ran to Michael's with my mother in law.   Bristol promised she would be a big girl and behave if she could go look at beads with Maga.   These too are a match made in heaven, they probably could have spent several hours in the beading section.  They are hanging out together again today.

Well that was our week.  It was a wonderful week spent with family.  Which are my favorite kind of weeks after spending the better part of 6 years living several states away.   

Today I have my 38 week checkup and I am torn between wanting to have finally made progress and still being stuck were I am at.  If I have made no progress at all Jeremy agreed to let us make the 4 hour drive to my parents house so I can celebrate my niece's 1st birthday but if I have made any sort of progress we wont go because it would be too risky.  On the other hand I do hope I made progress because as all my readers, all 2 of them, know I am sick of being pregnant.   I want to see the end of this journey.   Especially after I spent the night puking from my heartburn.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch is not a good before bed snack. 

Do you have any fun plans for this holiday weekend?  Hopefully y'all are staying cool.

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  1. Your belly bump pics with your children are adorable! What a great way to document your pregnancies! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you come check up time. Youre almost done! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Whitney @

  2. love your nails!

    Stopping by from Insta-Friday. My first link up and I love it! I think I just may be back every week!

    Love, Traci Michele

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. Your pictures are adorable!!! My Instagram feed is full of my kids, too!! :) I love the dog! Our poor dog endures so much, too, he's such a good dog for putting up with our littlest girlie!! Your stars and stripes nails are great!! I adore the Bible verse frames!! ~ Thanks so much for stopping by Chaos & Coffee!! Have an awesome day :)


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