Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brain dump: 1st birthday partys and the rumblings of a very pregnant woman

Isn't Daphne's swimsuit adorable.  It may have been my gift to the birthday girl.

I almost didn't post this picture because I look exhausted but I love how many necklaces Daphne had on.  She was screaming while her mommy was making lunch so Auntie Savanna was holding her.  Quickest way to make her happy (other than giving her mommy) is too let her play with jewelry.  

The kids have never been to a parade and I am totally cool with that. I haven't deprived them on purpose it is just not something I have thought about on the holidays. Personally my idea of fun is not sitting in the hot sun for 4 hours. I am lazy parent what can I say. Then Jeremy had to go and ask me when we are going to let the kids stay up for fireworks. Um, when they are like 10 or our families drag us to a fireworks show.

I am so over sweating. Normally I am freezing even when it is 100+ out but this pregnancy is making me a sweaty mess. I am not sure why I even bother putting on makeup in the morning because the minute I come out of the bathroom it is dripping off my face.

I have never in my life been so swollen. With the first 2 I didn't have this issue. I mean, my feet and ankles would get a little swollen at the end of a long day the last few weeks but this pregnancy I go to bed swollen and wake up swollen. I really wish I knew what was causing it. I kind of suspect it is because I had the 2 miscarriages right before this pregnancy so my body has had pregnancy level hormones going on for the last 13 months. By the end of today I couldn't even walk or move my feet they hurt so bad. So I had to sit with them up while Jeremy took care of all the unpacking and putting away the groceries. Of course on top of that I am having really bad cramping again but it is nothing other than a constant reminder that I am still 10 days from my due date.  Let's just say it led to a 10 minute crying break down in which I am sure Jeremy was freaked out.  I know I was.

I got to go to my nieces birthday party this weekend. I made a little progress but the doctor wasn't too concerned about me leaving town. I'm glad we got to go but it was really rough on me. And everyone telling me how big I am didn't help matters. Why is it okay to comment on the size a of a pregnant woman? It would be flat our rude to discuss anyone else's body growth but the minute your uterus is occupied people think it gives them license to talk about size, how you plan to use that uterus in the future, and my biggest pet peeve, they think it is okay to touch you. Seriously, why would anyone just assume you can touch another person without asking, especially a complete stranger.

My crock pot, waffle iron, and straightener all broke this week. I am sad about the crock pot but I don't use it as often as I should so it is not tragic, the waffle maker I use every few days because I make the kiddos big batches of waffles and then freeze them for an easy breakfast so I should probably repurchase another one pretty quickly. But my straightener breaking is kind of the end of the world. I actually use it for both straightening and curling my hair. Jeremy is going to look at it for me but if it can't be fixed it MUST be replaced like immediately.

I am re-watching Monk for like the 10th time. I love this show.

I think that is all I have for tonight.  I am super tired, it is only 8 pm but I am going to take off what little make up I have left on after all the sweating and crying and head to bed.  

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.   

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