Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baths and Play Time

Once again we have had a wonderful weekend full of family.    I am loving that Brighton is giving us an excuse to see everyone.  Although I am sad that my sister is going back to Italy soon, she is here for the week and the kids are loving every moment of it.

I think I am experiencing postpartum nesting, except it is at least 89 degrees in our house all day long so my desire to clean isn't happening.

Brighton is not a swaddle baby. She actually hates to be bound up. If she can't stretch out she will let you know about it and expects you to fix this situation right away. Maybe its because she was so cramped in my belly? Not that anyone was telling her to stay in there that long.
I don't know what was going on with this girl the other night but she would start screaming the minute we took her out of this position. I was tired so I just went with it.  After her first wake up Jeremy put her back in the play pin sans boppy and she slept fine the rest of the night. Can we say diva?

I miss my morning coffee. Its not that I can't have it but I really don't get a chance to sit there and relax and drink it any longer so I don't bother to make it. Thankfully the hubby has been willing to make me a latte as soon as I get a chance to sit and enjoy it which usually isn't until close to lunch time. I can't wait for all of us to get back on a schedule so I can enjoy this simple little treat everyday again. 

Jeremy goes back to work tomorrow after being off for 2 weeks.  This is actually the longest he has ever taken off.   With Bristol he took about a week off and with Eldon he had to go to drill the weekend after he was born.  I am really going to miss him but at least my sister is here to help out.  Now next Monday when I have no help, I will probably be freaking out.  

Bristol hated the bottle. Like straight up screamed for the first 3 months of her life if I tried to give her one. A lot of that probably had to do with the fact that I didn't introduce it until she was 1 month old because the hospital scared me about her not wanting to breastfeed any longer. Finally at month 3 someone told me about The First Years Breastflow bottle and she actually liked it and our anti bottle days were gone. So with Eldon I introduced that bad boy at 2 weeks and we never had any issues. So we decided the same thing would happen with this one, the only problem is Target no longer sells my beloved Breastflow bottle in the store and Amazon isn't caring the 8oz one I need. So I decided to try the Tommee Tippee bottles because I had heard good things about them. Yeah, I am not impressed. The slow flow is like super fast flow compared to the Breastflow, so instead of drinking most of the milk it goes all over her clothes. I am going to run into Babies R Us tomorrow to see if they have the right bottles in the store.

I sleep like a dead person. Yesterday Bristol, Eldon, Daphne, and Hilary were all playing while I was taking a nap...on the couch. You would think the kids woke me up but no it was my bladder.

Daphne is going to be such a good big sister one day.   

Little Brighton's umbilical cord fell off Wednesday so it was finally time for a real bath. She was NOT impressed. Probably because all she wanted to do was eat but I wanted to give her a bath first. We often have disagreements on how things will work.

Eldon asked to give her a bottle this morning.   He is becoming more and more interested in her.  Although Aunt Hilary bought him his own Thomas the Train today so that might all change now.

Tomorrow we are headed to see my Aunt and Grandma, lets see if I remember to take pictures.

How did your weekend go?   


  1. I loooove the pictures of all three of them together! It is so cute they are just staring at her, they just look mesmerized by her!

    1. They definitely love their baby sister.


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