Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little bit of everything...

Getting out of the house with three kids is a nightmare.  We have not figured out a routine so it was highly stressful the other day.  I know it will come but I do miss our simple stress free leaving the house routine.

I forgot just how much crap stuff you need when leaving the house with a newborn.   Seriously we had to pack up everything.   Good thing Little Miss is cute enough to make it worth it.

I miss getting dressed and ready for the day. So I decided I am still going to try doing my what I wore pictures because it really does motivate me to get out of my yoga pants.   Although I don't have any jeans that fit right now, so I am still hanging out in my maternity jeans and those are just annoying.  Plus they don't stay up.  I can't wait till I can fit into my normal clothes.

I can't help but take pictures of this little one.  But I really need to work on my camera focusing.  

The big 2 haven't really made an appearance on the blog these last 2 weeks so lets change that...

So, for what I wore this week.  I only got dressed twice and it happened to be yesterday and today because we are at my in-laws house.  So cue the horrible mirror pictures because I never think to ask Jeremy to take these pictures for me.  Plus I think I would feel awkward.  No I don't feel awkward in my bedroom with my tripod and remote.   

Sweater/No clue--Top/Forever 21--Jeans/Old Navy--Shoes Target

Top/Kohls--Jeans/Old Navy--Shoes Target

We had Brighton's newborn pictures done today and I am super excited to see how they turned out.   

My Sister-In-Law is here visiting from Maryland and was such a huge helps these last 2 days while we were at my in laws house.  She read to the big kids, played with them, changed Brighton's diapers, big kid sat, and just made my life a little easier.  It was sure nice to have her and my mother-in-law around.  I was definitely spoiled having more hands than kiddos.   

Well I think that is all I have for this post.  It is a day late but you know a certain little girl tends to be attached to me for a good part of my day and when she goes to bed at night so do I because I never know if we are going to get a 7 hour stretch out of her or a 3 hour stretch out of her at night.   

Am I the only one who hates wearing maternity pants?   

Happy Thursday!

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  1. It's so funny how it's exciting when you get to start wearing maternity clothes, but by the end of your pregnancy, you want to burn them and run around nude! LOL!


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