Tuesday, July 9, 2013

39 weeks

Shoes are over rated.

Yep, it is that time of the week again.  Pregnancy update.   Little Turkey is a stubborn one.   If it was up to the baby I would probably be doing these updates till week 42 but I am taking the decision out of the baby's hands.  Yep, I am that mom.  As soon as I scheduled my induction with Bristol and Eldon they decided to come on their own a few days later so I am hoping Little Turkey follows along but so far this baby is proving that it wants to do nothing in the same fashion as the big 2.  Next Wednesday, my due date, will also be my induction date so at the latest we will be holding our baby by the 18th.   It feels so good to finally have an end in sight.  I hope I wont make it to that day but honestly I don't think I will go any sooner.

At least it has been cooler this week so our swamp cooler is actually keeping up.  Instead of 116 degrees it only hit 107 today.  

Lets see what is new, well, my belly is big, my feet are swollen, and if I don't make sure to put them up whenever I am sitting they swell up so bad I can't put weight on them.  I am up 40 pounds and it is hard for me.  Really hard for me but I am trying to remember I am growing a baby and I have lost all my baby weight plus 10 pounds with each of the kids fairly quickly so I can do it again even if this is the most weight I have ever gained.  I only have 4 miles left on my overall 120 mile running goal for this pregnancy and I am going to take 2 maybe 3 more miles off of that tonight.  Heck I may even go for the full 4 and just walk a good portion of it.  My sister has told me I am crazy for running still but honestly it feels good to be able to exercise even if my hips are super sore the next day.   Well that is my plan but right at this minute all I can think about is wrapping my hurting feet in warm towels and then going to bed as soon as the kids do.  I would love to get another pedicure in the next day or 2 but having the energy to get there is the main problem.

Do you think I should have called the baby Deep Fried Turkey instead of Little Turkey so it would cook faster?

I get so tired doing the simplest things these days like going to the grocery store for jelly or Home Depot for paint. It drives me insane.  It is hard being a mommy to the big 2 when the baking one is taking everything out of me.

Speaking of which, we finally ordered Bristol's mattress.  We kept putting it off because we wanted to actually go check out what a few stores had to offer but we never got around to it and I am getting impatient and want to see what the crib bedding looks like in an actual crib.  So I Amazon Primed it.    I love Prime.  I may have a slight addiction. It will be here Thursday or Friday.  Which means either we need to finish sanding and painting Bristol's bed or she is going to be sleeping on the the floor with her mattress until we do finish the sanding and painting.

I swear I got dressed more than once this week even though I didn't want to get dressed at all.   But honestly I didn't want to document it.  I am to the point where all my shirts are way to sort, my pants no longer stay up because my massive belly is pushing them down, and I don't have the energy to take pictures.   So here is my one what I wore picture.
Sweater/Ross--Shirt/Target--Pants/Old Navy (destroyed by me)--Shoes/Toms

Even though I don't want there to be, there will be one more pregnancy update next week.  At least it is only one more right?

How is your week going?  Anyone else get to the stage where they don't want to admit what they are wearing?

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  1. Oh my, so close! Love that bump, you look so good! If you get a chance, please link up to What We Wore Party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/07/what-we-wore-5.html

  2. You are so cute! So close!!!!



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