Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I wore, baby weight, and whole bunch more of my ramblings!


I got dressed way more times this week than I have pictures of but there never seems to be a right time to take a picture.   I am always late walking out the door these days and by the time I get home I am a hot sweat mess and no one wants to see a picture of that but it sure does feel good to wear real clothes again, if only my regular jeans fit!  But I do have to pairs of bigger jeans I can button and they contain no elastic waist band.   I hate the stupid elastic waist band.

We had Brighton's 2 week checkup yesterday. She is weighing in at 9 pounds,11.5 ounces.  She is definitely going to be a little chunker and I can't wait!  She has grown an whole inch as well.  She is sitting in the 90% for weight, 95% for height and 70% for her head.   Other than her stats she is doing perfect.  We have been battling a diaper rash pretty much since birth so the doctor suggested a different rash cream.     I am thinking I will probably end up moving her to cloth sooner than the 3 month mark.  Did I mention that she no longer fits into any of her newborn clothes?

I am having a super hard time figuring out when to blog these days.  I used to do it at night after the kiddos went to bed but right now I am so exhausted that I am going to bed pretty early myself.  So I am trying it out this morning while I pump.

Last night was a rough one.  Brighton went to bed around 8:30 woke up at 11:30, 4, 5, and 6. Finally when I finished feeding her at 6:30 I just slept with her in the chair until about 7.  All I wanted to do was go back to bed but unfortunately the other 2 needed me to start my day.   I miss the days when it was possible to sleep when the baby slept.  I am really hoping for a nap this afternoon but I wont be surprised if it doesn't happen.

Monday we went to see my Grandma and Aunt Cindy.  The big kids had such a fun time playing in the pool with Hilary and Cindy.

My face is starting to look more normal, hopefully the Bell's palsy will be all gone soon and I will be able to wear contacts again!

Well Miss Brighton Ann is fussing at me to feed her so I should probably unhook from the milk machine and give her the bottle she is asking for.

Am I the only person in the world that refers to the pump as the milk machine?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baths and Play Time

Once again we have had a wonderful weekend full of family.    I am loving that Brighton is giving us an excuse to see everyone.  Although I am sad that my sister is going back to Italy soon, she is here for the week and the kids are loving every moment of it.

I think I am experiencing postpartum nesting, except it is at least 89 degrees in our house all day long so my desire to clean isn't happening.

Brighton is not a swaddle baby. She actually hates to be bound up. If she can't stretch out she will let you know about it and expects you to fix this situation right away. Maybe its because she was so cramped in my belly? Not that anyone was telling her to stay in there that long.
I don't know what was going on with this girl the other night but she would start screaming the minute we took her out of this position. I was tired so I just went with it.  After her first wake up Jeremy put her back in the play pin sans boppy and she slept fine the rest of the night. Can we say diva?

I miss my morning coffee. Its not that I can't have it but I really don't get a chance to sit there and relax and drink it any longer so I don't bother to make it. Thankfully the hubby has been willing to make me a latte as soon as I get a chance to sit and enjoy it which usually isn't until close to lunch time. I can't wait for all of us to get back on a schedule so I can enjoy this simple little treat everyday again. 

Jeremy goes back to work tomorrow after being off for 2 weeks.  This is actually the longest he has ever taken off.   With Bristol he took about a week off and with Eldon he had to go to drill the weekend after he was born.  I am really going to miss him but at least my sister is here to help out.  Now next Monday when I have no help, I will probably be freaking out.  

Bristol hated the bottle. Like straight up screamed for the first 3 months of her life if I tried to give her one. A lot of that probably had to do with the fact that I didn't introduce it until she was 1 month old because the hospital scared me about her not wanting to breastfeed any longer. Finally at month 3 someone told me about The First Years Breastflow bottle and she actually liked it and our anti bottle days were gone. So with Eldon I introduced that bad boy at 2 weeks and we never had any issues. So we decided the same thing would happen with this one, the only problem is Target no longer sells my beloved Breastflow bottle in the store and Amazon isn't caring the 8oz one I need. So I decided to try the Tommee Tippee bottles because I had heard good things about them. Yeah, I am not impressed. The slow flow is like super fast flow compared to the Breastflow, so instead of drinking most of the milk it goes all over her clothes. I am going to run into Babies R Us tomorrow to see if they have the right bottles in the store.

I sleep like a dead person. Yesterday Bristol, Eldon, Daphne, and Hilary were all playing while I was taking a nap...on the couch. You would think the kids woke me up but no it was my bladder.

Daphne is going to be such a good big sister one day.   

Little Brighton's umbilical cord fell off Wednesday so it was finally time for a real bath. She was NOT impressed. Probably because all she wanted to do was eat but I wanted to give her a bath first. We often have disagreements on how things will work.

Eldon asked to give her a bottle this morning.   He is becoming more and more interested in her.  Although Aunt Hilary bought him his own Thomas the Train today so that might all change now.

Tomorrow we are headed to see my Aunt and Grandma, lets see if I remember to take pictures.

How did your weekend go?   

Friday, July 26, 2013

Instagram--surprise, surprise another baby filled post

I really should probably just change the title of all these posts from here on out to instababy like I had it last week, right?  I am loving my life so much right now.   We still have the same amount of stress going on and there are a lot of things up in the air about life right now but something about having a fresh new baby makes you slow down and remember to enjoy the little moments because before you know it she will be 2 weeks old already.  

I love that I have a phone that allows me to document all the little moments that my big camera isn't around for.  

This little boy loves his trains and cars.  We could probably get rid of all his toys other than these pictured here.  Oh and the other hundred Match Boxes that can be found in random places.  

She needed some kind of hair dressing until her new bows got here. 

We stayed on top of washing the laundry for the first few days home from the hospital, we just didn't fold it.  Finally after a week and not knowing what was clean or dirty any longer I had to fold it.  I was actually happy to fold it since I was on bed rest and couldn't do anything else, it made me feel a little on the useful side.  

I'm obsessed.  This particular morning I was supposed to be taking a shower and starting my day instead I was staring at Little Miss.   

"Hey mommy, my finger is falling apart!" We are not dramatic around these parts at all.  

Occasionally when not playing with trains he begs to hold his Baby Bright. 

I figure I should use my bed rest to make my nails pretty. 

Bristol insisted that Brighton wanted to watch Veggie Tales with her.  Instead Brighton slept.  

Her new flowers came.  I was trying to get a super cute picture of her because she was all awake and alert but the minute I pulled out my phone she started doing the one eye thing where she was peaking out just enough to see if the camera was still in her face.  

Our fridge was so bare Jeremy decided it was a good time to clean it.  We plan to fill it back up with food today but in the mean time we have enough milk to make mommy and daddy lattes until we get to the store.  It is all about priorities around here. 

I was sitting in my mother in laws office feeding Brighton and I looked up to see a collage of a Bristol when she was 7 months old.   We didn't know it at the time but I was just newly pregnant with Eldon.  This was also our first photo session with Elizabeth Ann Photography.  If you are in Colorado Springs you should definitely a check her out she does amazing work.   

After being awake for most of her newborn picture session she took a really good nap as soon as the photographer said she was done. 

First trip to Costco must be documented.  I know just how weird I am.  

I think that is all I have in pictures for you today.   It was a slow starting week that got kind of crazy Wednesday and Thursday but it was wonderful.  I love watching the kiddos with their families.  Maybe next time I will document that. Now we are going to head out to the grocery store and try to get the house presentable again because my sister and Daphne are coming up tomorrow to spend a week with us before they head back to Italy.  

Happy Friday

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little bit of everything...

Getting out of the house with three kids is a nightmare.  We have not figured out a routine so it was highly stressful the other day.  I know it will come but I do miss our simple stress free leaving the house routine.

I forgot just how much crap stuff you need when leaving the house with a newborn.   Seriously we had to pack up everything.   Good thing Little Miss is cute enough to make it worth it.

I miss getting dressed and ready for the day. So I decided I am still going to try doing my what I wore pictures because it really does motivate me to get out of my yoga pants.   Although I don't have any jeans that fit right now, so I am still hanging out in my maternity jeans and those are just annoying.  Plus they don't stay up.  I can't wait till I can fit into my normal clothes.

I can't help but take pictures of this little one.  But I really need to work on my camera focusing.  

The big 2 haven't really made an appearance on the blog these last 2 weeks so lets change that...

So, for what I wore this week.  I only got dressed twice and it happened to be yesterday and today because we are at my in-laws house.  So cue the horrible mirror pictures because I never think to ask Jeremy to take these pictures for me.  Plus I think I would feel awkward.  No I don't feel awkward in my bedroom with my tripod and remote.   

Sweater/No clue--Top/Forever 21--Jeans/Old Navy--Shoes Target

Top/Kohls--Jeans/Old Navy--Shoes Target

We had Brighton's newborn pictures done today and I am super excited to see how they turned out.   

My Sister-In-Law is here visiting from Maryland and was such a huge helps these last 2 days while we were at my in laws house.  She read to the big kids, played with them, changed Brighton's diapers, big kid sat, and just made my life a little easier.  It was sure nice to have her and my mother-in-law around.  I was definitely spoiled having more hands than kiddos.   

Well I think that is all I have for this post.  It is a day late but you know a certain little girl tends to be attached to me for a good part of my day and when she goes to bed at night so do I because I never know if we are going to get a 7 hour stretch out of her or a 3 hour stretch out of her at night.   

Am I the only one who hates wearing maternity pants?   

Happy Thursday!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby pictures with a few random thoughts thrown in there

I think we have another Daddy's girl on our hands.

Warning: it has become all about baby around these parts. Just like for the last 9 months it has been all about pregnancy. I have a few recipes to share with you and a nursery reveal-- oh wait that is all about baby again. So you get the point I am in the dreamy newborn stage and loving every second of it. I should probably throw some big kid love in there as well but they are just as smitten with their new little sister as mommy and daddy are.  Well one of them is the other, it is all about the trains. 

I may have failed at my goal to actually enjoy Brighton's pregnancy but I feel like I am savoring these newborn days. There are times I have to force myself to put her down because I just cannot get enough of her. She is so precious. I think it may be because I don't really feel like we knew her when she was in my tummy. That is definitely the one disadvantage to not finding out the gender, it doesn't make it as real. You can't call the baby by name, you can't imagine your future little boy or girl but at the same time you get to dream about both. I don't regret not finding out because it made my pregnancy less real if that makes any sense it made it harder to put a name or face on but during this season of our lives with everything that has gone on over the last 2 years with my brother and just the general stress of life, i think I needed it. But I am definitely making up for the lack of womb bonding now. Now, like I said, I just stare at her. I don't want to put her down because she will grow and change. But on the same hand I can't wait to watch her grow, is she going to become another Michelin baby like Bristol was or is she going to be a skinny little thing like Eldon. I am so in love with her. I know I'm turning into a big gush. But if you could snuggle her you would totally be a gush as well. You wouldn't want to put her down either.

I am still having a hard time writing her birth story. I have all the facts and times and what not down but I just can't write it in a way that feels natural. Maybe because it didn't really feel natural. I don't know. I doubt anyone out there is really dying to hear about my failed epidural and the fact that with my 3rd I actually had to feel the real pains of labor but it is something I want to share mostly because this is a blog about my family. One day I will even print out every year of this blog so the kiddos can see it when they grow up since I am still stuck on month 10 of Bristol's first year scrap book and I have absolutely no pictures printed out of Eldon. So I want them to be able to see that yes in fact I did catalog their lives somewhere.

My face, well it is starting to go back to normal at least a little bit. My right eye is pretty uncomfortable from lack of blinking and my cheek bone is pretty sore so I am hoping that this means it will return to normal soon.

I cannot get enough cereal these days, for a girl who hates cereal this is just plan weird.  Right now I am still loving the cinnamon toast crunch but honey nut cheerios will do in a pinch.  The only thing I am not lovin' is the milk.  It does not agree with my stomach at all.
Trains are still much more interesting than baby sister.

Her hair has been out of control lately.  Not really sure I am even going to be able to tame it since I am almost 27 years old and still can't manage to get mine under control.

Little Miss is already outgrowing her newborn stuff.  We are squeezing her into the last little bit of diapers we have before opening up the size 1 box and she is stretching the new born onesies quiet a bit these days.   I guess this is what happens when they come out at almost 9 pounds.

I think that is all I have tonight. But I think I showered you with enough Brighton love for now.  

Until next time. 

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