Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yet another random post

The kids did awesome yesterday.  I really thought is was going to be a trying day but seriously by bed time I was almost sad to see the day end. ALMOST!  It was nice to be able to sit down and relax.

Yoga and Eldon don't mix well.  He thinks it is an excuse to use mommy as a tunnel, a jungle gym, and of course snuggle time--that part isn't so bad.   He may or may not have pulled me over a few times while I was trying to balance and open up my muscles.
Because I can't post without a picture.  Eldon at 10 month

I have been pretty uncomfortable lately.  Like I feel like I have arthritis in every joint of my body.  The original yoga video I bought for this pregnancy was just not cutting it and seriously annoyed me.  So for me to spend 40+ minutes on it and not see any improvements was just frustrating.  Finally I broke down and bought this one which is the same one I used with both Bristol and Eldon and I feel much better.  I was actually able to make it through the whole day yesterday without having to rest because of joint pain.  I even cleaned the kitchen.  Jeremy probably thinks it was a wonderful $10 spent since he got out of kitchen duty for the night.

We had mexican sweet potato bake for dinner last night and it was AMAZING!   I love sweet potatoes but haven't been able to eat them all that much this pregnancy.    The only down side is I was hungry shortly afterwards.  Normally when not pregnant this meal would do it for me but tonight I think I was missing the meat.  This baby is such a carnivore.  Here is the recipe.   And no I don't serve it in the skins it is much easier to just scrape it all out and not worry about serving it in a pretty little shell.

Eldon at 6 months

Bristol just under 2. 

Last night we started the whole if you don't eat it for this meal it will be your next meal thing.  Ya, not sure how well this is going to work at first but I am sick of the kids not eating.   See I refuse to make the kids something other than what we are eating so they just don't eat and wait till I serve something they like.   This is no longer working for me.   I hope they enjoy their sweet potato bake for breakfast this morning.  I will be having waffles or oatmeal... I haven't decided what I am in the mood for.

Oh so you may have noticed but probably not because who really cares but I haven't been talking about running lately.  Yeah, that is because it just hasn't been happening.  The above mentioned joint pain plus extreme exhaustion has kept the running impossible but since I felt so good from yoga yesterday and totally plan on doing it again today, I am secretly hoping I can run again by Thursday.  I guess it is really not a secret anymore.  Only 10.8 miles to go.
Almost 2.  Look at all the crazy curly hair

I am kind of nervous about my doctors appointment today.  It is the first time he will check to see if I am making progress toward delivery.  I think I am, in fact I am pretty sure I am but I always wonder if it is in my head.  My other worry is that he will tell me I am closer than I think I am.   With both kids I was dilated to a 2 at the 36 week mark.   Eldon was born 2 weeks later and Bristol 4 weeks later.  So we shall see what he says.   I keep telling Little Turkey it has to hold out until Sunday at least.

Well I think that is all I have for you today.  2 brain dumps in 2 days, what is this world coming too?

How is your Tuesday going?

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