Monday, June 17, 2013

Stressing, no sleep, and project recaps.

This morning God is reminding me of his perfect timing.  I feeling like He is asking me "Savanna, why do you even stress about these things?  I have it all under control.  Do you need me to remind you of all the ways I have taken care of you and your family?"   This is something I struggle with.  I am good at stressing out.  I am good at worrying.  Should I be?   Do I want to be?  Nope.  I want to be good at always remembering the many things I have to be thankful for.  I want to be good at finding joy in the mundane of motherhood and the trenches of motherhood.  

I am so loving this song lately.

What do you do when you cant sleep at 3am?  I blog of course.   Bristol woke up soaking wet for the first time in over a week so I had to go change her bed but I wasn't sleeping before that.   I am hot and for whatever reason my left ankle is throbbing.  Now I cant seem to get back to sleep. Hopefully dumping my brain on the blog will help me too sleep. --It didn't but it did remind me that I need to get a headband for the daddy's girl bow because we no longer have one and we might need it.  I also may or may not have been shopping an ivory lace petti romper for newborn pictures if it is a girl.  If it is a boy, I am thinking a newsboy hat is in need.  

We had a slower weekend as in we didn't go any where but it made for an awesome project weekend.  In door projects of course, although I do need to spend sometime on my roses because they are looking horrible.   

Friday Jeremy had an errand to run in a big town about an hour and a half away and by big I mean they have a Target and Costco.   He told me if we wanted to tag along that he would treat us to lunch. He also got to treat us to a trip to the above mentioned stores and Joann's so I could get the fabric I previously forgot for the crib bumpers. And I should mention we only went to Target because he was out of shaving cream and as much as I tried to find something else to buy, it just wasn't happening.  How sad is it that we only walked out of there with shaving cream and beach babe hair stuff?  I did look at dress for the baby sprinkle on Saturday but the one I really liked, Jeremy said gave him a headache.  It was all kinds of crazy stripes.   I thought about going into Hobby Lobby as well since it is the only one within reasonable driving distance of me but the kids were not really in the mood and it was too hot for them to sit in the car with Jeremy and watch movies while I was shopping.  Plus all I was doing was going for felt balls for yet another project and lets face it, I have way too many projects on my list right now.  

Bristol came in Friday morning after I finished taking my what I wore picture she asked me to take hers as well.   Isn't she adorable?  She also may look a little tired here.

Eldon had to make sure Little Turkey's car seat was up to his standards.  He is reading the manual like any good brother would do... right?

We got a Maxi Cosi Mico this time around  .  Thank you mom and dad. With Bristol and Eldon we used a Combi and I loved it but unfortunately it didn't survive the car accident so we had to get a new one.   And it wasn't compatible with our new stroller.  So far I really like the Mico, we shall see what I think once there is a baby in there.  Isn't the rain cloud the cutest?   Have you guessed that teal is my favorite color yet?  This is the last car seat I will be buying.  Next up is booster seats!   How crazy is that?

Like I said, this was a weekend for projects so lets see some.
Father's day gifts for our Dad's--Half check, still have to finish them up by putting the kids foot prints on the back.

Little Turkey's Bumper Pads--check

One of Jeremy's gifts--check.

String the yarn chandelier together--check.  Although I really do think it needs another teal one.  What do you think?

And Jeremy got really far on Bristol's bed.   

It is so nice to finally have some things accomplished.   I also finally soaked all of the yellow stained baby clothes in oxi clean and then sunned them  for a few hours and the stains disappeared.  I am hoping that is still the case after a few days.

Eldon is obsessed with Baby Daphne lately, that we plan to buy him his own this weekend. He is also wanting us to carry him more and more which is so unlike him.  Although I am enjoying my little boy snuggles as long as he is willing to give them even if they are because he is feeling like he is losing his place in our family.

I didn't blog about our dad's or my husband yesterday.  I wanted too but the words just weren't there.  And I couldn't find the one picture I wanted to use.   I asked Jeremy if he was offended and he said no because he got a birthday blog.   But my dad and my father in law deserve credit for being such awesome men.  They are great dads and even better paga's.

Our to do list for this week:

  • keep Little Turkey baking
  • sand and paint Bristol's bed
  • finish up yarn chandelier
  • finish up the quilt
  • clean
  • finish up the presents for the Grandfather's 
I think that is enough for one week, don't you?

I don't think I have anything else for you this morning.  I am sure once I hit publish, a million and one things will come to mind that I wanted to share with you but that is what makes blogging awesome--I can always write about them tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday.  

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