Sunday, June 30, 2013

Still pregnant, excessive heat, and cheese

This pictures are totally funny to look at really fast.  If I knew how to do a gif I would.   The other day Bristol would only give me this face when I was snapping away.  She is such a character.   

I think one of the reasons I am having such a hard time with still being pregnant is because I am feeling like a failure. I feel like I am barely holding on as a mom and a wife. I am so uncomfortable that I am taking it out on my family. I don't have the patience to parent the way I would like too. My house is a mess. Dinner is not cooked but in all honestly that one doesn't bother me. Okay that is a lie, dinner is cooked but it is always by my amazing husband. I can't play cars or read books because I can't get in a comfortable position to do it. I am hot and miserable and feel like a shell of a person.

My children have been running around the house in their undies all weekend long. It is way too hot for clothes.
See what I mean.  It was 115 degrees at the hottest point today.   

I feel like I am going to be with child for the rest of my life, yes the realistic side of my brain knows that I only have to be pregnant 2 1/2 more weeks but that sounds like an eternity to the pregnant side of my brain.   I was really hoping I would go into labor tonight but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.   I have decided that the 3rd child is the most stubborn straight out of the gate.    Jeremy says that it may be afraid to come out because I have been telling it things like "If I ate to much food, you are welcome to come out but you don't get to sit there and kick me because you don't like my full tummy.  You are the one who is holding out on us all."   

I really need to work on June 365 but then again don't I say that at the end of every month.  Speaking of which, where the heck did June go?

I am exhausted tonight, I even took a short nap this morning.  I really haven't been sleeping well since it has been so hot in our house this weekend.  Hopefully it stays cool tonight but when it is still 100 at 10 pm I have little hope.

I also keep thinking well maybe I will have this baby on 4th of July because both Bristol and Eldon were born on holidays.   Bristol was born on Labor day and Eldon was born on Martin Luther King day.   

I would bore you with details like how I have been eating lots of cinnamon toast crunch lately which is so weird since I hate cereal and think it is a useless meal, but you don't deserve to be bored like that, do you?  Oh wait.

How was your weekend?  Was there an excessive heat warning where you live?   

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  1. i am 38 weeks pregnant and feel like the thought of being pregnant for 3 or 4 more weeks sounds so hard and I don't have any other kids to chance after! hoping your baby comes soon!!!


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