Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monster's U, pedicures, and tiny Toms

The original plan for the day was to drop Eldon of at my mother in law's house and then run errands, eat lunch, and watch the movie but I knew once Bristol realized that Eldon would be all alone with Maga Cathy she would want to stay which is exactly what ended up happening.    So Jeremy and I ended up getting a little time to ourselves and we ate lunch in peace.  Like no 100 trips to the bathroom or the constantly reminding the kids that we sit on our bottom and use our inside voices at restaurants.  It was pure bliss.    

From the moment we picked Bristol back up she was excited.  When we got to the theater she declared "I will hold mommy's hand when we go in" which is just a miracle because the kid hates to hold our hands in busy parking lots these days.   She ended holding both of our hands.    We got up to the ticket counter and when the lady asked what movie we wanted to see she said "monster movie".    We got our popcorn that was as huge as her and found our seats.  I chose to sit in the first stadium row that has the railing because the walk way is bigger and because we could easily go potty if we needed too.   It would out really well because Bristol was a little restless so she changed positions quiet a bit through out the movie and since there was no one in front of us we didn't have to worry about her bothering anyone else.   I think it was the perfect spot for our big girl.   

Jeremy was more excited about the previews than Bristol and most of them were for animated movies.

My heart is so full right now. Watching Bristol take in the whole experience was so awesome. She loved it. I loved getting to enjoy her.  Enjoy the experience and being a fun mom for once.  There was no pressure or stress.  Bristol knew it was a special thing so even when she thought about throwing a fit it was like she stop because she knew it wasn't worth it.  I cant wait to take her on a date again.  I am thinking pedicures for our birthday's in September.   We are also thinking Eldon's first movie is going to be Planes in August.  

I got my pedicure yesterday!   It felt amazing.  The hot towels.  I need to wrap hot towels around my feet and ankles every night because they instantly took away the pain and swelling not that it didn't come back later.   My mother in law, sister in law, and Jeremy made it happen  on a very jam packed day which I am very thankful for because I needed it.   Although next time I could totally skip the toe painting and just go with a 30 minute foot massage and hot towel wrap.  Heavenly!

I told you I would get around to posting a picture of the tiny toms and blanket. Aren't they both adorable? And the blanket matches the room theme perfectly.  I told Jeremy he needs to get on the Toms train with us but he told me it wasn't happening.   He still thinks they are the ugliest shoes.  

and this was my view coming home last night. Doesn't everyone drive with their foot up?

It was a super long but very fun day. Now I am sitting here in my pj's with a to-do list a mile long, it includes deep cleaning Eldon's carseat because he gave me a 5 second warning last night that he had to pee and I had no where to pull over.  I have absolutely no desire to do it, probably because I had to sleep sitting up again because of heartburn even after I took tums and Bristol woke us up at 1:30 letting us know she threw up.  Needless to say it was a long sleepless night.  

How is your Tuesday going?  Anyone else having a pj day?

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