Friday, June 7, 2013

Intsagram Friday

I totally typed up most of this blog last night.  And then this morning I was thinking about how lucky I am.   Yesterday, I went to get my hair done... I left the kids unfed, the house a disaster, and there were a million dishes because I didn't get a chance to do them that morning and I refuse to clean during nap time.   I came home to a spotless house, the kids were fed and in bed well they were in their rooms not sleeping like they should have been, and a spotless kitchen.    Jeremy is an amazing man who works so hard during the day and never complains when he has to pitch in at home.  He is so appreciative of everything I do for our family.  Then this morning as I was getting ready for the day, I swore I heard my car leaving the garage.  I didn't really think much of it, I figured if anything Jeremy needed to get to something in the rafters and was moving my car out of the way.  10 minutes later I walk into the hallway to see a fully dressed Bristol who happily informed me "We got donuts.   Daddy doesn't have to work today!".   The man knew how much I have been craving donuts so the first thing he did on his surprise day off was take Bristol to get Mommy donuts.  Have I mentioned how lucky I am.   Okay now on too the original post.

It was kind of a rough week around these parts.  We are all struggling with cabin fever because it is too hot to get outside.   And after Bristol got stung by a bee last night I am not sure if they are going to want to go into the back yard again for a while.   Yesterday things seemed to go a little better.  We hit up story time at the library... I let them deal with my 2 crazy kiddos.  And I got my hair did so I got a nice little 3 hour pampering break.  

On to the phone pictures.   I have an instagram addiction.  I feel sorry for those people who follow me, I am one of those annoying people who post pictures of everything and yes I do think 10 different photos of my kiddos is perfectly normal since other than cleaning all I do all day long is spend time with them.  Occasionally I break it up with a little crafting and cooking.  You can follow me and my kiddos pictures @crazyrandombennetts.  

Eldon said he needed a tissue.   I found them not even 5 minutes later playing with the whole role of toilet paper.  I should be thankful they didn't put it all int the toilet...right?

Bristol told me I need to wear a bracelet and ring this day.   She has decided mommy is her dress up doll.  She also likes to pick out a new nose stud color for me on a daily basis.
A couple weeks ago I cut our roses way back because they were getting out of control and I thought maybe I had cut them a little too much because they didn't seem to be growing again but then a few days ago they started producing roses again.  And now they are out of control so I will be hacking at them again.  
This kid sleeps in some crazy positions.
5 minutes before I took this picture Bristol was telling me over the baby monitor that she was done with quiet time today and would not be taking a nap.  I told her that was nice but until her brother woke up she was staying in her room and participating in quiet time.   So when Eldon got up I went in to let her out and discovered her passed out on the floor.  10 minutes later I went to the bathroom and Eldon snuck in to her room to wake her up.  A 15 minute nap is just a great thing...haha.
These dogs are saints sometimes when it comes to the kiddos.  Paije was looking at Bristol like "if I keep this thing on my head can I eat in peace?"

I was feeling like I was about to have a baby Wednesday night.  Yes I am only 34 weeks but I was having a lot of prelabor symptoms and it was freaking me out.  So did I rest like a normal person?  Nope, I worked on baby projects.   I still need to get white newborn onesies to make Little Turkey's.   My only complaint about the iron on transfer is it has a slight yellow tint which is noticable against a stark white shirt.
New glasses.  I got them for free well I had to pay shipping and I paid an extra $2.95 for an anti glare coating.   I wasn't all that fond of them at first because they are rather large and I only like my sunglasses too consume my whole face but they are really growing on me.  Especially since I have worn them almost every day this week because my contacts are giving me problems.   And it is nice to finally have a pair that has my real prescription in them.  The pair I have been wearing are from like 2 prescription back and were totally wrong.
Another baby project I started last night.    Eventually I am going to put it all together for a yarn ball chandelier but I ran out of glue and I need navy and teal yarn maybe white too but we will see how it looks without white first.   The 3 on the right dried really weird so I will have to remake those but I am really happy with the 3 on the left and can't wait to see the finished project.  Doesn't everyone always have at least one kitchen cabinet open? 

Thursday night wasn't as scary labor symptoms wise... I think I may have been dehydrated on Wednesday.   I still don't feel like I am going to make it to my 39 week goal but God has that all worked out and I should just stop stressing about it.  Until then I am going to try and finish up the few projects I have left and relax.  And run my last 10.8 miles when Jeremy isn't looking because last night he informed me that I probably shouldn't run anymore.  But lets face it, if it was him and he only had 10.8 miles left toward his running goal he would do it with a broken leg if it meant finishing so while I am going to push threw and try and finish I am going to be realistic and stop anytime something doesn't feel right.

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  1. Oooh, I'm having a baby the month after you and that yarn project looks awesome!

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