Friday, June 14, 2013

Instagram: Baby stuff, more baby stuff, and pool pictures

It is already Friday!  Can you believe it?  This week seemed to go by super fast.   This was a week of baby projects, playing in the pool, and realizing that I just need to take it easy some days.   
My sister sent the baby a present!   I am absolutely in love with it and can't wait to see Little Turkey napping in there.  Although we already had to take it out of the living room because Eldon thought it was his swing and mommy didn't agree.  I had the My Little Lamb version with Bristol and Eldon, I loved it but when we moved we thought we were done having kids so I gave it away.   Since I am a religious swing user and don't see how people survive without them I knew it had to be replaced but this time I wanted one that had a plug in option.  Enter the My Little Snugabunny swing.  It is so soft and other than a few minor upgrades it looks and works exactly like the My Little Lamb version.    I am considering getting the matching rock n play sleeper or any rock n play sleeper for that matter for when we are at the Grandparents house.   Thoughts?  Is it worth it?  

Can I just tell you this is getting a little too real!   Saturday, Jeremy and I got a chance to hit up Target kid free so we decided to look for our coming home outfits.   I love both of them and can't wait to see which one we will need.  The plan is to keep the tags and receipt so we can return the one we don't use but I may have to keep it in case of future babies or maybe give it as a gift because I think both are totally adorable.  

Little Turkey's quilt top.   Yes it has a lot of blue in it.  No, I still don't think it is a boy.    The color scheme kind of just went in that direction when we were at the fabric store.  I knew I wanted orange, teal, and green with navy accents.  I ended up spotting the scallop fabric from a few isles over and had to have it.   Which it is mostly blues but it does have yellow.  My plan is to use the teal circle fabric for the front of the bummers along with yellow pipping and then get a yellow sheet.   The crib skirt is still undecided.  I really want to do a tulle skirt if it ends up being a girl.
Bristol and daddy surprised me with donuts last Friday morning.  This was the outfit she picked out to wear on their little adventure.   Tough Mudder shirt, her daddy skirt (because of the camo) and sparkly purple Tom's.    My Mother In Law said it best, a little tom boy with her sparkles thrown in.  Which is so Bristol.  She loves playing in the garage, in dirt, with cars but she loves her baby and all matters of dresses and skirts.  The girlier the better.
The kids have spend a lot of time in this pool since we got it on Sunday.   Mommy has spent a lot of time with her feet up, relaxing since Sunday.
Here is the proof!  I think the only thing that would make this better is an ice cold glass of Moscato but the baby bump makes that not possible.  
Follow the leader
Like I said... we have been working on a lot of baby projects.  My sewing area is a disaster because of it.   And I finished my yarn balls.   I am going to start putting them together either today or tomorrow.  I wanted them to be fully dry before I started messing around with them.  The 3 up top are the ones that survived the first round.
Fresh bag of coffee beans.  Happiness.  
Spontaneous cuddling.  I will take it and document it so I can refer to it when they are being the opposite.  Like when Eldon bit Bristol so hard this week, he drew blood.  Or when Bristol tackled Eldon for the 100th time after me repeatedly telling her not to and made his lip bleed.  For the 2nd time this week.  Yep that picture should probably be my screen saver so I can see it for those moments.   The moments when I wonder if my kids will ever not be so abusive towards each other.   
Maga's pool is so much cooler than ours.  It has a death slide.  And is about 3 times bigger.   I think they stayed in this thing for about 3 hours.  And then Bristol was sad when we wouldn't let her go back in later in the day.  

So that is our week according to my phone!   I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Well as relaxing as it can get having 2 young kids and a project list a mile long.  I am sure the kiddos and husband are also going to try to convince me to go to the real pool at some point and I am going going to explain that no one wants to see my pregnant glory in a bathing suit right now... maybe next summer? Because we all know, no one will want to see my post pregnancy body in all its glory in a few weeks.

What are you doing this weekend?  Any exciting plans?
life rearranged

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