Friday, June 28, 2013

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Another week is over... in case you are wondering, I am still pregnant!  Oh, you weren't? I am probably the only one bothered by the fact that I am still pregnant.  I have my 37 week check up today and I am really hoping it goes better than the 36 week one.   I think I would be a little more tolerant of these last weeks of pregnancy if the high today wasn't 112 and the humidity 37% which means my swamp cooler will not keep the house cool.  It didn't start to work until 6 pm last night.  I don't see how women in other countries do it but I am thankful I was born in the good ol' spoiled USA and we have modern conveniences like that even if mine isn't working that great.  

I didn't take that many Instagram pictures this week mostly because we haven't really done anything.  Other than our super fun Monster's U date Monday and my baby sprinkle on Saturday.  And you can totally follow me @crazyrandombennetts if you want to keep up to the minute with all the craziness here in Bennett Land.  

Saturday before we went down for the baby sprinkle I was feeling a little paranoid.  I had a few contractions and we decided we should get our act together and pack a just in case bag.  Mostly because we knew if we were prepared then nothing would happen.   So Jeremy installed Little Turkey's car seat and I may have had a slight panic attack.  It made it so much more real to see 3 car seats in The Beast.  At the same time I would really like to use that car seat instead of using my body for Little Turkey transportation.   The kids were not phased by it at all.

 One of the activities at my baby sprinkle was decorating onesies.  Bristol worked really hard on hers and also enlisted her Aunt Tawny to help.  The only thing that got her to stop coloring was ice cream.
She didn't like the movie theater seats so she either stood or sat on the booster seat on the floor for the whole movie.  I thought it was cute.  Yes I was that annoying person in the theater taking pictures of my daughters first movie experience.  In my defense I only did it during the previews.  

 We had a blast.
 Monday Jeremy, my mother in law, and my sister in law all made it possible for me to go get a pedicure.   I was so grateful for that.  My feet definitely needed the pampering.
Doesn't everyone wear Uggs with capri yoga pants when it is a 100+ outside?    My feet were hurting so bad and they are getting too swollen to fit into my Toms so I went with the next best thing.  Only downside is my feet sweat a lot.
After I finished up Little Turkey's bedding this week I had a few pieces of fabric left so I decided to jazz up some burp cloths.  I love using Gerber prefold diapers for burp cloths, best thing in the world.  Especially for my kiddos who tend to have reflux issues.  

After story time yesterday I finally let Bristol and Eldon go into the children's section at the library.  Honestly I don't know why we haven't done this sooner, probably because we normally stay for the whole hour of story time which ends right at lunch time but today Eldon was being 2 so we had to excuse ourselves a little early.   Bristol didn't want to leave but I may have bribed her with being able to check out books.   I would say it is something we will do on a regular basis but apparently in an effort to save money the library doesn't believe in turning on their AC, it was just as hot inside as it was outside.  NOT COOL, not cool at all.

So that was our week according to my phone.  A few fun things followed by a whole lot of nothing.   I totally meant to take a picture of my omelet that I had for dinner last night but I was to busy stuffing my face.   Jeremy has been super awesome the last few days dealing with my cranky, pregnant self.  That plus his awesome ability to make omelets means I will keep him around for a long long time.  Like forever.

How was your week?  Any cool phone pictures?

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