Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Debbie Downer

Ugh... today has just been one of those days.  Well its kind of been on of those weeks and it is only Tuesday.   Nothing has gone horribly wrong but nothing seems to be going smoothly either.

Last night the kitchen sink backed up.  Thankfully Jeremy was able to fix it but it was still like really was that necessary right now.  Couldn't the sink tell I am completely annoyed as it is already and didn't need that added to it.

I haven't left my house since we went shopping almost 2 weeks ago.   I never leave my house.  I have no where to go.  MOPs is on summer break.  I can't take the kids to the park because it is 100 degrees out and the parks here in this wonderful desert land don't have shade.  Really who puts in a park in a desert climate without shade.  Does that make since to anyone?   Good because it doesn't make since to me.   I haven't had a break from the kids in oh yep that would be too long.  I mean I get free time during nap time and after they go to bed but I am so worn out lately that its not even relaxing anymore.  My butt and the couch are way to familiar with each other.   I haven't been on a date with Jeremy in forever.  In fact I think the last time we spent time alone together was when we went to Vegas for the day.   Which was 2 months ago.

It is making me think back on our time in Colorado.   I hate looking back because I just do.   I hated living in Colorado.  I hated the traffic, the drivers, the snow, the cold.  I just was not pleased with Colorado.  But we went to church 2 times a week, I attended bible study, there was MOPs every week, I could go to Costco, or Target when I needed to get out of the house.  If I was feeling creative I could run to Joann's and get my craft on.   Now I don't have those options.  We still haven't found a church to attend and we have given up on that, even though we keep going back and forth about trying to find one again.  I have no desire to go to Walmart.  I had to go there 2 times this month and that was more than enough for the whole year.   Bible study, well that would require having a church to attend.

I have become a hermit.  Not that I am the most social thing in the world but at least when I could attend things in Colorado I did.   Here, there is nothing.   Oh, I am sure there are things to do but personally they are not things I would enjoy.   Sure I can take the kids to the pool but they changed their hours this summer so now they are only open for open swim between 12 and 6.   Yeah that is during lunch, nap time, and dinner.  Doesn't really leave a whole lot of time for swimming.  I mean I could skip naps but my kids need their naps.  I need their naps.  So it wont be happening.  And the prospect of fitting my giant whale self into a bathing suit right now, it isn't appealing.   So like I said it wont be happening.

Today is just one of the does days like I said.  I am having a hard time seeing the silver lining. I know it is there as I am sure people will point out to me but honestly I don't want to see it today.  Instead I want to just wish that I didn't live in the middle of no where, with nothing to do, locked in a house with 2 kids who have serious cabin fever.  Yes you can get cabin fever in the summer when it is too hot to go outside.

I was hoping typing up this post would improve my attitude but I don't think it has.  Instead I am going to wait on Jeremy to get home.  Then I am going to the store to get milk and yams--my big outing for the day.   Well that is a lie, I have a checkup this evening as well.  

Hope everyone else is having a better Tuesday than I am.

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