Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bristol Conversations

One of my favorite bloggers does post of what her kiddos say and I love reading them.  So for the last couple weeks I have been writing down funny things the kiddos say, mostly Bristol to share with everyone.  I have a few more saved up and a really cute video but they have secret knowledge in them so I will have to wait a few more weeks.

Me: why are you not listening to me? ( asked her to get out of the kitchen)
Bristol: because I want to snuggle with your baby

Me:  do you know what we are having for dinner?
Bristol: what?
Me: taco salad!
Bristol: taco salad! I love taco salad.  I like fish, french toast, and taco salad. I like those 3 things
Me: well I am glad you like 3 things.  
This is probably why she never eats her dinner. 

Me: Bristol thank you for trying to help me off the couch but I need a little more help than you can give me.
Bristol: Eldon come help me, mommy is stuck on the couch. 

I can hear Bristol asking Jeremy for chocolate from the bathroom where I am getting ready for the day.   He tells her we have to wait until mommy comes out and ask her.  Bristol runs in the bathroom.
Bristol: mommy, can I have chocwlate?
Me:what did daddy say?
Bristol: that I wait until you come out
Me: okay well we will talk about it when I am done getting ready
Bristol: let's talk about it in the bafroom
Me:  okay, you can get one.

Bristol: 1-2-3-4-5.  I have lot of kids when I be a mommy.
Me: You are going to have 5 kids when you are a mommy?
Bristol: Yes, I have 5 kids.  And Big Bird and Elmo.

Eldon: mommys coffee?
Bristol: feed the baby to the coffee?
Me: yes, I am going to feed the coffee to the baby.


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