Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brain dump--- that is all I got for this title

Have I mentioned how nervous I am getting about having this baby. Saturday morning I had a few real contractions. The kind that take your breath away. I was super stressed out, letting things bother me that I should have just long ago accepted because they keep happening time and time again and Little Turkey decided to let me know that my stress level is effecting him/her. I knew it was starting too because my blood pressure was a little high at my last appointment. Still in the normal range but high for me. I think I need a maternity leave.

Well I am actually kind of taking one. Yes I am a stay at home mom. After tomorrow we have no commitments until after the baby is born. Jeremy made the executive decision that I can no longer travel outside of town. I am actually happy that he is putting his foot down because I push myself too hard. I will keep going and going until I collapse into an uncomfortable, grumpy mess. That isn't fair to my family.

It is going to take everything in me to not wear yoga pants tomorrow.   That is the stage I am getting too. Normally I wont wear yoga pants outside the house but I am just not feeling the whole jeans thing anymore.

Tomorrow we are taking Bristol on a date to see Monster's U.   I don't know who is more excited, her or us.     Back in December when my mother in law was on Christmas Break we had a day and a half alone with Eldon and decided we wanted to do it with Bristol before the baby came.  It only took us 5 months to find a time that worked.   The plan as of right now is to drop Eldon off in the morning, we will head off and do our costco and Target shopping, eat lunch and hit up the movie theater.   Although I think in the morning when we go to drop Eldon off Bristol is going to want to stay.   I think she is totally cool with us taking her to the movies but Maga Cathy is her second favorite person in the whole world and I don't see her willingly going shopping when she can hang out there.  But we shall see, everytime I expect one of the kids to zig they zag.

Why is meal time with young kids such a chore?  My kids cannot sit still to eat a meal to save their lives.   Meals that should only take 15 minutes to eat, take those two 45 minutes to eat.  It is exhausting.   We are totally not above setting a timer once our butts get sick of sitting in our uncomfortable dinning room chairs.

My phone says that I have 24 days to go, lets hope it is more like 2-10 days because I am getting to that I am done point.  Which is probably a good sign.  I fully believe you have to get to the point of if this baby doesn't come out on its own I will remove it to make it through the whole labor and delivery part.   

Last night I had to sleep sitting up because my heartburn was so bad.  I was also out of tums.   Jeremy fixed that this morning for me and I ended up taking a 2 hour nap today.  It felt AMAZING.  But my body was super uncomfortable from napping on the couch afterwards.    I cannot nap in my bed, so I nap on the couch.  

I finished the quilt tonight but it is too late to take pictures so I will either post pictures tomorrow, wednesday, or maybe once we get the room set up. I also finished up my onesies for Little Turkey when he/she meets the big 2.   Now to sew up a changing pad cover and finish up the yarn chandelier.  Yes it is still not finished.   Can I get a personal assistant?  Or maybe just a day without kiddos so I can get everything done.  Better yet, 2 days without kiddos.  1 day I would sleep and relax, the other day I would clean and do projects.   

My baby sprinkle was yesterday.  It was  wonderful, I have some amazing in-laws.  Like fairy tale style.  They take such good care of me.   My mother in law and sister in law threw the sprinkle for me and they did a beautiful job.  I only took pictures of the decor.  Then I set my camera down across the room and was to lazy to get out of my chair to take pictures of the actual people there.    Miss Bristol loved opening all the presents.  She is so awesome.

All the tulle made its way home with me so that if Little Turkey is a girl I can make my tulle crib skirt. 

I totally want to show you a picture of the Tiny Toms and beautiful blanket I got from the Sprinkle but it is dark and I am to lazy to mess with the settings on my camera to take a night shot.  I guess I am just going to need to blog about those 2 items tomorrow.  

I ordered everything online today that I can't get in the stores and I may or may not have added a pair of sandals for me to the cart.   I think it is only fair since I haven't been able to wear anything but Toms for the last couple of months.  Not that I can complain about that because I love my Toms and I totally got a pair of crochet ones out of the deal.   But I will be excited when my feet stop throbbing all day long.  Speaking of which I am going to try and fit a pedicure into my day tomorrow but it might have to wait until Tuesday.   I need to get on top of it though because Little Turkey's first image of the world cannot be my ugly toes.  He/She needs to be welcomed by mommy's bright pretty feet just like Eldon and Bristol were.  

I am super tired tonight, it was a really long day Friday and Saturday and after not sleeping last night I am feeling the effects.  My goal was to get everything together for tomorrow and do yoga before I crashed but I think I am just going to crash.  Most likely on the couch because Jeremy is out for a run and I hate going to bed without him.  Plus I need him to proof read this post because on a good day my proof reading skills suck but today they are completely non existent.

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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