Monday, June 3, 2013

A whole lot of nothing

When he didn't come back right away with his tissue, I should have gone to check on him, a roll of toilet paper later...

She was having a grand time

keeping it real

Mommy, how dare you tell me no.

Am I the only one who no longer enjoys sleeping in?  Well I do like the act of sleeping in but I hate how behind it puts me.  Yesterday we slept in till 9.  Which is rare in this house, most days the kiddos are up by 7:30.  While it was great to get a few extra hours of sleep I feel like we got absolutely nothing done.   We got up, ate cinnamon rolls, watched church, got the kiddos dressed, and then it was already time for lunch and then nap time.   Craziness.

Saturday was such a wonderful day.   Jeremy's family came up for a very informal birthday party for my Mother In Law and also so they could work on the truck project.  Not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog before but Jeremy is building a 4 door truck for his brother.   So while us women (sounds so grown up) hung out with the kiddos the guys hung out in the garage playing with their project.   Maybe I should insert some pictures here.  To bad I don't have any and I am too lazy to go steal the ones my Father In Law posted of facebook last night.

As soon as the door closed behind the last of our company on Saturday, I went straight to my room to put on yoga pants, pull up my hair, and take out my contacts.  The last was more of a necessity that a want too.    And it wasn't like I was uncomfortable because I was wearing one of my maxi skirts but I just wanted to get into my yoga pants.  Most days I am really happy that I started getting dressed almost every day but there are some days that I just crave yoga pants.

My feet and hands hurt a lot this weekend.   Saturday even though I sat with my feet up most of the day they still hurt.  6 more weeks max.

You can definitely tell it is fire season here in California.  Yesterday the sky was brown/orange all day.  Which was not helping Eldon out at all.  This morning the air seems to be a little cleaner but I can still smell fire.
This makes me so happy.

Not the time but the fact that I ran again last night. I am quickly learning that the further along I get the harder it is and the slower I become.  Some nights I can do it, others I can only do 2 miles and some nights I can't run at all.  Hopefully I can get in 3 more runs because I will be too my 120 mile goal.  3 MORE  RUNS that is it!!! Yes it needed that many exclamation points.  And I felt pretty darn great afterwards except my feet hurt but what is new.  

I have no clue what is going on with this box of left eye contacts but they are crappy.    1 tore when I took it out of the package and the last 2 have been really foggy. A 3 month supply is only going to last me 6 weeks. I am not due to change out my current pair until Saturday but I might just end up wearing my glasses the rest of the week because this fog is annoying me.  At least I can see completely out of my right eye.   Maybe one day I will get brave enough to have Lasik.  But don't count on it because the thought of anyone cutting up my eye makes me want to puke.  I can't even look at the kids when they get hurt if it is near their eyes, instead I make Jeremy deal with it.  

I did a quick 10 minute yoga video yesterday before I ran and it really seemed to help.  With both Bristol and Eldon I did yoga at least 3 times a week and definitely was more comfortable in the belly area.  This pregnancy not so much.  The video I am using this time around annoys me.  Like when I actually do it, I turn the volume off.   But I  always feel better afterwards so my goal is to do yoga this week instead of Barre3 on my none run days.  Hopefully it will open my body up so I can actually bend forward again.  

Well I think that is all the randomness I have for this Monday.

Nope I lied, I have one more thing.   I was taking a sip of my wonderful although cold black coffee and it reminded me of our espresso maker.   Last week it stopped working right.  Like barely any espresso was coming out and it was taking 10 times longer than it should to work.  So Jeremy decided to take it apart to see if he could figure out what is wrong with it.   Because driving the 2 hours to exchange it didn't sound like the smartest plan we had.   Well he discovered that one of the valves was going bad and we were either going to have to replace the valve or take it back since it is still under warranty.   He put it back together and our plan was to just keep using it in its horribly slow state until we could return it.  But then the annoying thing stopped working all together.  I was so sad.   I make myself a latte every afternoon because it stops me from getting migraines.  And the doctor said I should.  So I ended up having to pay for coffee 3 times last week.  Well Saturday, I was desperate and didn't want to waste anymore money on buying coffee so I decided to try the espresso maker one more time.   IT WORKED!   Better than it has in a long time.   If I wasn't so addicted to coffee I probably would have taken a baseball bat to the machine right then and there.  Moral of the story, espresso makers are temperamental.   

Okay that is it.  I swear.  At least for today.  Now I need to work on May 365. 

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday.  

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