Tuesday, June 25, 2013

37 weeks


Look no feet.  Probably because I didn't tuck the dress under my belly

Dearest Little Turkey,
You have 2 weeks to vacate the belly on your own or I am forcing you out.  My toes are all pretty for you.  I am done with your bedding.  I have finished the yarn ball chandelier.  We have almost everything we need for you, a few things are still in the mail but they say they will be here Friday.  If you decided to come out I would just order the last 2 must have items from amazon and they would be here by the time we got home from the hospital.   Yes Bristol is still sleeping in your bed but that is only so because we haven't had a chance to finish up her bed.  Plus you will get to sleep in the play pin in Mommy and Daddy's room for at least the first 4-6 weeks so it really isn't a big deal that she still has your bed.   The car seat is in the car.  Your bag is packed.  Mommy will pack hers when it is time.    It would be awesome if you would like to come meet us all.  Didn't you hear Big Sissy pray tonight? "God let the baby come out of mommy's belly so we can put the little diapers on it."  I think it is cute that she can't wait to change your diaper.  Maybe we should give her the chance.   What do you say, want to come out and play?   Well Little Turkey I am going to try and run you out.  I don't have high hopes since I haven't been able to run in a few weeks but hey I can at least try and finish up my last 10.8 miles.   
Love, Mommy.

As you can see, I am ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing.   The last couple of days have been rough.   I had a wonderful Saturday and a good Monday but the aches and pains of the last few weeks are getting to me.    I am also getting sick of old men commenting on how big my belly is and asking me really stupid questions like "Miss, do you happen to be pregnant?".   I just smile and say yes but soon it is going to be "Nope, I am not pregnant-- I am just stealing a watermelon, but when are you due?"   That last little bit came from Jeremy when I told him about the old man in Costco.   I am to the point where when I am doing laundry all I care about is that my yoga pants are clean.   I am done with real clothes.  In fact I didn't wear the dress all day instead I put it on for the picture and took it right back off.  I don't even have make up on.  I am slacking.   Jeremy said I should just draw a stick figure picture for tonight and put 37 weeks by it.  But I did manage to take 2 what I wore pictures this week.  I got dressed 2 other days but never managed to get a picture.   So lets take a look, shall we?
hat, top, sweater/Target-- Jeans/Old Navy refashioned by me.

Sweater and shirt/Target--Shoes/Toms

Well that is all I have for this Wednesday.  This will probably be my last WIWW post for a while since yoga pants are on the no no list.   I hope y'all are having a wonderful day.

pleated poppy

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  1. i agree - it is hard to get dressed these days!! you look so cute though! i love those jeans!! hoping your baby comes soon!!!


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