Wednesday, June 19, 2013

36 weeks

You know what would be awesome right now?  A pedicure and Yogurtland.  Scratch that, a pedicure while eating Yogurtland.   Not likely to happen.  I miss frozen yogurt places so much. Can you tell?

As I said on Monday I have been trying to do my new pregnancy yoga video everyday in hopes that it will cure all my achy joints and it really seems to be helping.  I am actually able to bend over without crying out in pain, cleaning isn't as contraction inducing as it was there for a week or 2, and I seem to be waking up in way less pain.  I still have very painful hands and feet going on but I will take it over the entire body pain.  

I probably should not be typing anymore at this point.  I just got back from my doctors appointment and to say I am in a sour mood is a bit of an understatement.  I have made absolutely no progress.  
Voice in my head:  Savanna, you are only 36 weeks pregnant--why the heck would you be expecting progress?  
Me: Well because with the other 2, I was already dilated to a 2 at this point-- this is number 3.  It is supposed to just walk out.  
VIMH: But I thought you wanted to stay pregnant until at least 39 weeks?
Me: Do you realize I am pregnant?
VIMH: Yes.  Isn't that what we are talking about?
Me: If you know I am pregnant, why the HECK do you think I want to be rational?   I have no desire to be rational.  Instead, I wanted to be at a 2, darn it.  I want this baby ready to walk out.  
VIMH: (I wonder if I could move?)

Does that properly explain how I am feeling right now?  I think I am getting too the point where I probably shouldn't be around anyone because I am getting very emotional and grumpy.  And all I want is some frozen yogurt.

Let's see what I wore this week.  Prepare for me to blind you!   I don't like wearing dresses, skirts, or shorts.  And usually when I do wear a dress or a skirt it is of the maxi variety.   I like jeans but this week jeans were uncomfortable so I had to settle on my least favorite things to wear.  And you can tell exactly how little I show my legs in these pictures.  

Cardigan/Target--Top/Old navy--Skirt/me--shoes/Toms
I was a little bummed about this skirt.  It was a maxi skirt that I made a while back and it was too big.  So I made another one and kept this one intending to use it to make something for Bristol.  But I kept seeing all these beautiful pregnant women wearing pencil skirts so I decided to alter it.   It fit great for all of an hour and then stretched out into a very unflattering shape.   I just don't know what to do with this fabric.   It washes funky and stretches out even funkier but I spent a decent amount on it that I don't want to scrap it.   What to do, what to do?
Top and dress/Target
I was having such a good hair day this day.  Like I was loving the hair.  That rarely happens these days.  I also was enjoying this dress.  I bought it when I was prego with Bristol because Jeremy loves when I show my legs.  Poor husband rarely gets his wish.  I wore it once with her and then retired it.  Never wore it with Eldon because I was in the maternity clothes stage in the dead of winter in Colorado.  So the other day I decided to put it on because I was going to be in the car for most of the day and Little Turkey hates 2 things when I am in the car-- anything tight on my waist and the seat belt.  Since the seat belt is mandatory I decided to give the pants a break.  I felt like it really slimmed me out.  Not that you can tell from this angle.  
Cardigan/?--Top/Old Navy--Shorts/Target--Shoes/Toms

Well that is it for today.  I have nothing else.  Other than I really should invest in sunless tanning lotion, like yesterday.

Am I the only person who hates wearing anything but jeans?

***I am updating this because I meant to add a gender poll yesterday and totally forgot.   If you want  to cast your vote for boy or girl, the poll is on the left side of the screen.

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  1. My second came early and was much harder than the first! Hold on for that 39! You deserve a pedi.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. so adorable! love the sweater!


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