Wednesday, June 12, 2013

35 weeks


I was too lazy to retake these pictures yesterday after I realized I had let way too much light into the pictures, so I did my best to fix them in Picasa.   Maybe next week I will get it right.  Or maybe next week I will take them inside like I usually do but that would require cleaning up my sewing area since that is where the picture magic usually happens.  

Last night I went to bed at 11:30, not my smartest move but it was because I was making progress on all of my craft projects.   I finished up the top of the baby's quilt, I wrapped the last 2 yarn balls, and I painted my last picture frame.  Jeremy started working on Bristol's bed frame as well.  It seems like things are moving right along.  We are in the final stages of our projects and it couldn't be happening at a better time since today I hit the 35 week mark.

Seriously!  How did we get here?   I feel like I was stuck in the 20 week period just a few days ago and now we are a few short weeks from baby day, which I have been stressing about.  Mostly because I am scared the baby will come way too early but even though I have had a few scares over the last 2 weeks nothing has come of them.  So I am hoping this means baby is content to stay in my belly till at least the 38 week mark. 

I am really tired this morning.   

Nothing new to report on with this pregnancy.  I am getting bigger by the day; I can't even imagine how bad it is going to be if I make it 5 more weeks.

Last week I did a really good job of getting dressed almost every day.  This week, well today I am typing this up in my yoga pants.  I wasn't feeling the need to get dressed yet.  Maybe after my coffee kicks in I will be inspired but right now the fact that I did my hair is enough for me.  And since Little Turkey is moving around and sitting uncomfortably low today, I do really see the jeans happening.   

As you can tell if you read my blog regularly, I am running out of clothes that fit.   In fact I don't have a clue what I am going to wear to my baby sprinkle next weekend.  I should have looked for a new maxi dress or something but it is too late now since we wouldn't be able to go shopping till the morning of the Sprinkle.  

Hat, Sweater, and shirt/Target--Jeans/Old Navy(refashioned by me)--Shoes/Toms
This hat is a life saver.  I completely curled my hair and then it went straight on one side.   When we were 2 hours from home and I don't know about you but I don't carry around the stuff to re curl my hair.  So instead I put on the hat.  


Shirt/Target--Beautiful little girl/Me and Jeremy

My wrap bracelet made by my wonderful Mother In Law

Sweater/Target--Shirt and Jeans/Old Navy--House slippers/Not a clue
I wasn't feeling the need to wear shoes today.

I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy this am.  
pleated poppy

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  1. You look adorable!! Love the distressed jeans.
    Since you are dressing for two and have littles of your own - Toronto Mama and I (A Life From Scratch) invite you to link up with us! We are showing what WE wore Wednesdays to include the kiddos!

    Here is the link, if you are interested :)


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