Wednesday, June 5, 2013

34 weeks

I am determined to make this a happy post unlike yesterdays post.
All of it is from Target except the sandals.  

Still can see the feet

My hair started off down yesterday but then about 10 seconds after I finished straightening it, up in a ponytail it went.   I just wasn't feeling the whole neck suffocation thing.   Tomorrow it is getting cut.   Lots of layers.   Lots of thinning.   And we are going with a normal shade of blond not this horrible yellow orange color it has been for the last 6 months.   

Little Turkey usually wakes up around 3ish in the afternoon and party's till dawn.  Well maybe not dawn but it is still having a party in my belly when I fall asleep somewhere around 9:30-10:30.  I think this might be my most active baby yet.  I remember a lot of movement with Bristol but I don't know if that was a lot of movement volume wise or if I just remember it so much because my rib cage was her main target.   This one likes to get the ribs but I would say my stomach is more its favorite place to kick.  And it likes the use my bladder as a punching bag.  Eldon he was a lazy baby.  I remember when I was doing my weekly NST's they would comment on how little he moved but that was totally normal for him.     Anyone else have a party going on in their belly while trying to fall asleep?

I am not sleeping that great again.  Some nights it is awesome, other nights I wake up thinking it was pointless to sleep at all, like I could have gotten some awesome craft project done instead of wasting time on sleep.  

I am getting to the point where I can't eat very much at one time.  This is probably nature’s way of telling me I have stored enough fat for this baby to survive for 5 months so there is really no need to eat anymore.  But I don't listen and I still eat and then I lay on the couch regretting the decision forever but when we are having meals like french dip and hamburgers... how is one really supposed to stop eating?   Yep I am obsessed with meat, which is totally putting another mark in the girl column because that is all I wanted with Bristol.  Eldon I lived on fruits and veggies for 9 months.  Oh and morning glory muffins.  They are amazing.  Way too easy to make.  I should totally post my modified recipe for them.  Super delicious.  Not that I am a recipe maker at all but sometimes I read the ingredients list wrong or run out of something and take to googling "orange juice replacements in baking" and we end up with really good results.  The Morning Glory muffins are one of these times.   It’s done, next time I make a batch I will take pictures and post it.   Mmm... now I want a muffin but they are in the kitchen and I am on the couch... this presents a major problem.

I ran again this week! But boy oh boy is it getting hard to breath.  I feel like a newbie when it comes to this running thing lately.  I am huffing and puffing after like 3 seconds.... maybe I should find 3 little pigs.    and last nights run was only 2 miles again apparently french dip does not make good running fuel.  I have also done 2 nights of yoga.   It is not giving me space in my belly like I hoped but it does seem to cut down on the round ligament pain.   But it is exercise.  And I am really hoping the whole if you exercise-while-pregnant thing then the weight comes of faster is true.  Because right now I have gained more weight than I did with either Bristol or Eldon and I still have 6 weeks to go.   I am thinking I will be lucky if I make it 3 more weeks.  If this baby takes after Eldon I have 4 weeks and if I get my desire it will be 5 more weeks.   10.8 more miles and I will be too my 120 mile goal and then I can stop.  

Yesterday while waiting to see the doctor the cutest thing happened.  I was leaning over to pick something up for Eldon and Little Turkey let me know that it was unacceptable to be in that position.   I made a comment like "Okay, I get it I am moving" Bristol then proceeded to get all excited "The baby is awake?  Can I feel it kick?  WOW!  IT KICKED ME, IT KICKED ME!  I like the baby!"   Eldon was in on the action too with "BABY, MOMMY BABY!"  I am sure their loud proclamations about the baby were just what everyone wanted to hear but seeing the joy on their faces was priceless to this mommy.   I wish I had thought to get it on camera so I can look back on it when they are not so fond of the baby.  

I am really leaning towards getting the fabric for the bedding this weekend.   If we have time I am definitely going to see what Joann's has.  If their selection isn't that great I will be hitting up

Doctor’s appointment was good.  I am measuring on schedule.   We talked about all the cramping I am having, nothing to worry about but the doctor didn't disagree when I said the baby will probably be here sooner rather than later.   I think he said baby's heart rate was at 156, I couldn't really hear him as the kids were all excited about the suckers the doctor gave them.

Last comparison collage from all 3 pregnancies.  I didn't take any more pictures with Bristol.  But I do have   up to 37 weeks with Eldon.  He was born at exactly 38 weeks.
I almost feel like I might have been bigger with Eldon.   And I think this baby is sitting lower already.  Well I know it is because it is already in position according to the doctor and my last ultrasound.
I almost feel like I might have been bigger with Eldon.   And I think this baby is sitting lower already.  Well I know it is because it is already in position according to the doctor and my last ultrasound.

As for what I wore this week.  I did end up getting dressed quite a bit.  And yes I do love my blue shirt that much.

Top/Target--Jeans/Old Navy (refashioned by me)--Shoes/Toms

 Hat/Target--Top/Target--Jeans/Old Navy (refashioned by me)--Shoes/Toms


 As you can tell my blue hat has become a staple along with my blue Toms.
 Sweater/Target--Top/Old Navy--Jeans/Old Navy--Shoes/Toms

My newest necklace from my Mother In Law.   She is planning to open an Etsy store this month and I can't wait to share it with y'all.  

Any other 3rd time mommies, how did your pregnancy lengths compare?

Sick of looking at me yet?  Don't worry so am I.  I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy again this week.
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  1. My 3rd baby was spot on with the others. All overdue but only by a couple days. Excited for you. And you are stinking adorable!

  2. cute necklace!! I saw that you linked up with the Pleated Poppy, I'd love for you to check out my blog hop if you haven't already!!

    xoxo Tori


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