Sunday, June 30, 2013

Still pregnant, excessive heat, and cheese

This pictures are totally funny to look at really fast.  If I knew how to do a gif I would.   The other day Bristol would only give me this face when I was snapping away.  She is such a character.   

I think one of the reasons I am having such a hard time with still being pregnant is because I am feeling like a failure. I feel like I am barely holding on as a mom and a wife. I am so uncomfortable that I am taking it out on my family. I don't have the patience to parent the way I would like too. My house is a mess. Dinner is not cooked but in all honestly that one doesn't bother me. Okay that is a lie, dinner is cooked but it is always by my amazing husband. I can't play cars or read books because I can't get in a comfortable position to do it. I am hot and miserable and feel like a shell of a person.

My children have been running around the house in their undies all weekend long. It is way too hot for clothes.
See what I mean.  It was 115 degrees at the hottest point today.   

I feel like I am going to be with child for the rest of my life, yes the realistic side of my brain knows that I only have to be pregnant 2 1/2 more weeks but that sounds like an eternity to the pregnant side of my brain.   I was really hoping I would go into labor tonight but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.   I have decided that the 3rd child is the most stubborn straight out of the gate.    Jeremy says that it may be afraid to come out because I have been telling it things like "If I ate to much food, you are welcome to come out but you don't get to sit there and kick me because you don't like my full tummy.  You are the one who is holding out on us all."   

I really need to work on June 365 but then again don't I say that at the end of every month.  Speaking of which, where the heck did June go?

I am exhausted tonight, I even took a short nap this morning.  I really haven't been sleeping well since it has been so hot in our house this weekend.  Hopefully it stays cool tonight but when it is still 100 at 10 pm I have little hope.

I also keep thinking well maybe I will have this baby on 4th of July because both Bristol and Eldon were born on holidays.   Bristol was born on Labor day and Eldon was born on Martin Luther King day.   

I would bore you with details like how I have been eating lots of cinnamon toast crunch lately which is so weird since I hate cereal and think it is a useless meal, but you don't deserve to be bored like that, do you?  Oh wait.

How was your weekend?  Was there an excessive heat warning where you live?   

Friday, June 28, 2013

Insta friday

Another week is over... in case you are wondering, I am still pregnant!  Oh, you weren't? I am probably the only one bothered by the fact that I am still pregnant.  I have my 37 week check up today and I am really hoping it goes better than the 36 week one.   I think I would be a little more tolerant of these last weeks of pregnancy if the high today wasn't 112 and the humidity 37% which means my swamp cooler will not keep the house cool.  It didn't start to work until 6 pm last night.  I don't see how women in other countries do it but I am thankful I was born in the good ol' spoiled USA and we have modern conveniences like that even if mine isn't working that great.  

I didn't take that many Instagram pictures this week mostly because we haven't really done anything.  Other than our super fun Monster's U date Monday and my baby sprinkle on Saturday.  And you can totally follow me @crazyrandombennetts if you want to keep up to the minute with all the craziness here in Bennett Land.  

Saturday before we went down for the baby sprinkle I was feeling a little paranoid.  I had a few contractions and we decided we should get our act together and pack a just in case bag.  Mostly because we knew if we were prepared then nothing would happen.   So Jeremy installed Little Turkey's car seat and I may have had a slight panic attack.  It made it so much more real to see 3 car seats in The Beast.  At the same time I would really like to use that car seat instead of using my body for Little Turkey transportation.   The kids were not phased by it at all.

 One of the activities at my baby sprinkle was decorating onesies.  Bristol worked really hard on hers and also enlisted her Aunt Tawny to help.  The only thing that got her to stop coloring was ice cream.
She didn't like the movie theater seats so she either stood or sat on the booster seat on the floor for the whole movie.  I thought it was cute.  Yes I was that annoying person in the theater taking pictures of my daughters first movie experience.  In my defense I only did it during the previews.  

 We had a blast.
 Monday Jeremy, my mother in law, and my sister in law all made it possible for me to go get a pedicure.   I was so grateful for that.  My feet definitely needed the pampering.
Doesn't everyone wear Uggs with capri yoga pants when it is a 100+ outside?    My feet were hurting so bad and they are getting too swollen to fit into my Toms so I went with the next best thing.  Only downside is my feet sweat a lot.
After I finished up Little Turkey's bedding this week I had a few pieces of fabric left so I decided to jazz up some burp cloths.  I love using Gerber prefold diapers for burp cloths, best thing in the world.  Especially for my kiddos who tend to have reflux issues.  

After story time yesterday I finally let Bristol and Eldon go into the children's section at the library.  Honestly I don't know why we haven't done this sooner, probably because we normally stay for the whole hour of story time which ends right at lunch time but today Eldon was being 2 so we had to excuse ourselves a little early.   Bristol didn't want to leave but I may have bribed her with being able to check out books.   I would say it is something we will do on a regular basis but apparently in an effort to save money the library doesn't believe in turning on their AC, it was just as hot inside as it was outside.  NOT COOL, not cool at all.

So that was our week according to my phone.  A few fun things followed by a whole lot of nothing.   I totally meant to take a picture of my omelet that I had for dinner last night but I was to busy stuffing my face.   Jeremy has been super awesome the last few days dealing with my cranky, pregnant self.  That plus his awesome ability to make omelets means I will keep him around for a long long time.  Like forever.

How was your week?  Any cool phone pictures?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

37 weeks


Look no feet.  Probably because I didn't tuck the dress under my belly

Dearest Little Turkey,
You have 2 weeks to vacate the belly on your own or I am forcing you out.  My toes are all pretty for you.  I am done with your bedding.  I have finished the yarn ball chandelier.  We have almost everything we need for you, a few things are still in the mail but they say they will be here Friday.  If you decided to come out I would just order the last 2 must have items from amazon and they would be here by the time we got home from the hospital.   Yes Bristol is still sleeping in your bed but that is only so because we haven't had a chance to finish up her bed.  Plus you will get to sleep in the play pin in Mommy and Daddy's room for at least the first 4-6 weeks so it really isn't a big deal that she still has your bed.   The car seat is in the car.  Your bag is packed.  Mommy will pack hers when it is time.    It would be awesome if you would like to come meet us all.  Didn't you hear Big Sissy pray tonight? "God let the baby come out of mommy's belly so we can put the little diapers on it."  I think it is cute that she can't wait to change your diaper.  Maybe we should give her the chance.   What do you say, want to come out and play?   Well Little Turkey I am going to try and run you out.  I don't have high hopes since I haven't been able to run in a few weeks but hey I can at least try and finish up my last 10.8 miles.   
Love, Mommy.

As you can see, I am ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing.   The last couple of days have been rough.   I had a wonderful Saturday and a good Monday but the aches and pains of the last few weeks are getting to me.    I am also getting sick of old men commenting on how big my belly is and asking me really stupid questions like "Miss, do you happen to be pregnant?".   I just smile and say yes but soon it is going to be "Nope, I am not pregnant-- I am just stealing a watermelon, but when are you due?"   That last little bit came from Jeremy when I told him about the old man in Costco.   I am to the point where when I am doing laundry all I care about is that my yoga pants are clean.   I am done with real clothes.  In fact I didn't wear the dress all day instead I put it on for the picture and took it right back off.  I don't even have make up on.  I am slacking.   Jeremy said I should just draw a stick figure picture for tonight and put 37 weeks by it.  But I did manage to take 2 what I wore pictures this week.  I got dressed 2 other days but never managed to get a picture.   So lets take a look, shall we?
hat, top, sweater/Target-- Jeans/Old Navy refashioned by me.

Sweater and shirt/Target--Shoes/Toms

Well that is all I have for this Wednesday.  This will probably be my last WIWW post for a while since yoga pants are on the no no list.   I hope y'all are having a wonderful day.

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Monster's U, pedicures, and tiny Toms

The original plan for the day was to drop Eldon of at my mother in law's house and then run errands, eat lunch, and watch the movie but I knew once Bristol realized that Eldon would be all alone with Maga Cathy she would want to stay which is exactly what ended up happening.    So Jeremy and I ended up getting a little time to ourselves and we ate lunch in peace.  Like no 100 trips to the bathroom or the constantly reminding the kids that we sit on our bottom and use our inside voices at restaurants.  It was pure bliss.    

From the moment we picked Bristol back up she was excited.  When we got to the theater she declared "I will hold mommy's hand when we go in" which is just a miracle because the kid hates to hold our hands in busy parking lots these days.   She ended holding both of our hands.    We got up to the ticket counter and when the lady asked what movie we wanted to see she said "monster movie".    We got our popcorn that was as huge as her and found our seats.  I chose to sit in the first stadium row that has the railing because the walk way is bigger and because we could easily go potty if we needed too.   It would out really well because Bristol was a little restless so she changed positions quiet a bit through out the movie and since there was no one in front of us we didn't have to worry about her bothering anyone else.   I think it was the perfect spot for our big girl.   

Jeremy was more excited about the previews than Bristol and most of them were for animated movies.

My heart is so full right now. Watching Bristol take in the whole experience was so awesome. She loved it. I loved getting to enjoy her.  Enjoy the experience and being a fun mom for once.  There was no pressure or stress.  Bristol knew it was a special thing so even when she thought about throwing a fit it was like she stop because she knew it wasn't worth it.  I cant wait to take her on a date again.  I am thinking pedicures for our birthday's in September.   We are also thinking Eldon's first movie is going to be Planes in August.  

I got my pedicure yesterday!   It felt amazing.  The hot towels.  I need to wrap hot towels around my feet and ankles every night because they instantly took away the pain and swelling not that it didn't come back later.   My mother in law, sister in law, and Jeremy made it happen  on a very jam packed day which I am very thankful for because I needed it.   Although next time I could totally skip the toe painting and just go with a 30 minute foot massage and hot towel wrap.  Heavenly!

I told you I would get around to posting a picture of the tiny toms and blanket. Aren't they both adorable? And the blanket matches the room theme perfectly.  I told Jeremy he needs to get on the Toms train with us but he told me it wasn't happening.   He still thinks they are the ugliest shoes.  

and this was my view coming home last night. Doesn't everyone drive with their foot up?

It was a super long but very fun day. Now I am sitting here in my pj's with a to-do list a mile long, it includes deep cleaning Eldon's carseat because he gave me a 5 second warning last night that he had to pee and I had no where to pull over.  I have absolutely no desire to do it, probably because I had to sleep sitting up again because of heartburn even after I took tums and Bristol woke us up at 1:30 letting us know she threw up.  Needless to say it was a long sleepless night.  

How is your Tuesday going?  Anyone else having a pj day?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brain dump--- that is all I got for this title

Have I mentioned how nervous I am getting about having this baby. Saturday morning I had a few real contractions. The kind that take your breath away. I was super stressed out, letting things bother me that I should have just long ago accepted because they keep happening time and time again and Little Turkey decided to let me know that my stress level is effecting him/her. I knew it was starting too because my blood pressure was a little high at my last appointment. Still in the normal range but high for me. I think I need a maternity leave.

Well I am actually kind of taking one. Yes I am a stay at home mom. After tomorrow we have no commitments until after the baby is born. Jeremy made the executive decision that I can no longer travel outside of town. I am actually happy that he is putting his foot down because I push myself too hard. I will keep going and going until I collapse into an uncomfortable, grumpy mess. That isn't fair to my family.

It is going to take everything in me to not wear yoga pants tomorrow.   That is the stage I am getting too. Normally I wont wear yoga pants outside the house but I am just not feeling the whole jeans thing anymore.

Tomorrow we are taking Bristol on a date to see Monster's U.   I don't know who is more excited, her or us.     Back in December when my mother in law was on Christmas Break we had a day and a half alone with Eldon and decided we wanted to do it with Bristol before the baby came.  It only took us 5 months to find a time that worked.   The plan as of right now is to drop Eldon off in the morning, we will head off and do our costco and Target shopping, eat lunch and hit up the movie theater.   Although I think in the morning when we go to drop Eldon off Bristol is going to want to stay.   I think she is totally cool with us taking her to the movies but Maga Cathy is her second favorite person in the whole world and I don't see her willingly going shopping when she can hang out there.  But we shall see, everytime I expect one of the kids to zig they zag.

Why is meal time with young kids such a chore?  My kids cannot sit still to eat a meal to save their lives.   Meals that should only take 15 minutes to eat, take those two 45 minutes to eat.  It is exhausting.   We are totally not above setting a timer once our butts get sick of sitting in our uncomfortable dinning room chairs.

My phone says that I have 24 days to go, lets hope it is more like 2-10 days because I am getting to that I am done point.  Which is probably a good sign.  I fully believe you have to get to the point of if this baby doesn't come out on its own I will remove it to make it through the whole labor and delivery part.   

Last night I had to sleep sitting up because my heartburn was so bad.  I was also out of tums.   Jeremy fixed that this morning for me and I ended up taking a 2 hour nap today.  It felt AMAZING.  But my body was super uncomfortable from napping on the couch afterwards.    I cannot nap in my bed, so I nap on the couch.  

I finished the quilt tonight but it is too late to take pictures so I will either post pictures tomorrow, wednesday, or maybe once we get the room set up. I also finished up my onesies for Little Turkey when he/she meets the big 2.   Now to sew up a changing pad cover and finish up the yarn chandelier.  Yes it is still not finished.   Can I get a personal assistant?  Or maybe just a day without kiddos so I can get everything done.  Better yet, 2 days without kiddos.  1 day I would sleep and relax, the other day I would clean and do projects.   

My baby sprinkle was yesterday.  It was  wonderful, I have some amazing in-laws.  Like fairy tale style.  They take such good care of me.   My mother in law and sister in law threw the sprinkle for me and they did a beautiful job.  I only took pictures of the decor.  Then I set my camera down across the room and was to lazy to get out of my chair to take pictures of the actual people there.    Miss Bristol loved opening all the presents.  She is so awesome.

All the tulle made its way home with me so that if Little Turkey is a girl I can make my tulle crib skirt. 

I totally want to show you a picture of the Tiny Toms and beautiful blanket I got from the Sprinkle but it is dark and I am to lazy to mess with the settings on my camera to take a night shot.  I guess I am just going to need to blog about those 2 items tomorrow.  

I ordered everything online today that I can't get in the stores and I may or may not have added a pair of sandals for me to the cart.   I think it is only fair since I haven't been able to wear anything but Toms for the last couple of months.  Not that I can complain about that because I love my Toms and I totally got a pair of crochet ones out of the deal.   But I will be excited when my feet stop throbbing all day long.  Speaking of which I am going to try and fit a pedicure into my day tomorrow but it might have to wait until Tuesday.   I need to get on top of it though because Little Turkey's first image of the world cannot be my ugly toes.  He/She needs to be welcomed by mommy's bright pretty feet just like Eldon and Bristol were.  

I am super tired tonight, it was a really long day Friday and Saturday and after not sleeping last night I am feeling the effects.  My goal was to get everything together for tomorrow and do yoga before I crashed but I think I am just going to crash.  Most likely on the couch because Jeremy is out for a run and I hate going to bed without him.  Plus I need him to proof read this post because on a good day my proof reading skills suck but today they are completely non existent.

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Instagram: nails, kiddos, and a clean kitchen

What a busy little week we had.  It seemed to go by really fast.  Maybe because my parent's came into town  yesterday and I did have my 36 week check up this week.  But it seems like Friday came way faster than normal.   We are going to spend today in the pool at the hotel my parent's are staying at and tomorrow is my baby sprinkle.  

I kind of felt like I was 10 steps behind the kiddos all week, so there was not a whole lot of instagraming going on.   I am definitely feeling this whole end of the pregnancy thing and it takes me twice as long to do things these days and there were already not enough hours in the day to start with.  I am also trying to knock out the rest of the baby projects.  Only a few more things.  MUST STAY FOCUSED.  

Now for our week in pictures
Baby Daphne is a very loved little dolly.   Jeremy says we need to make a carrier for Bristol and by we he means me.  I suggested we check Target, I don't mind sewing but it is taking everything in me to finish up Little Turkey's bedding.    Last Friday Jeremy treated us to an out of town lunch at Olive Garden, Bristol needed a high chair for Baby Daphne.  

When we got back from our day out the car seat my parent's ordered us had arrived.   They kiddos were checking to make sure it was safe enough also known as using the car seat for the doll.  

Saturday morning when Bristol was playing on my phone while I was trying to get a few more winks of sleep she came across a picture of donuts from the previous week.  She asked her Daddy if we could go get donuts, of course I wasn't against this idea and eagerly agreed that it was a good idea.  Getting back into my clean eating ways after this baby is born is going to be way hard.

Isn't Jeremy doing a wonderful job on Bristol's bed. He is using this plan to build it. We still need to sand and paint it but honestly the energy fairy has only been giving energy to the kids-- we are getting shafted.
The yarn chandelier is almost finished.  I decided to add another teal balloon to the bottom.  I like to give them a couple days to dry before I start handling them so the plan is to finish it today if I have the energy when we get back from the pool.  
Isn't this how all little boys push dolls around the house?
A spotless kitchen.  Too bad it only lasted about 10 minutes.  But I had to take a picture because it was hard work.

You can't tell in this picture but the background on my messaging screen is clouds.   I think it is adorable.   I have been seriously craving frozen yogurt, the closest place is about 100 miles away.  Jeremy has been craving cooler temperatures.   In a moment of insanity I suggested this.  My husband has been looking for a chance to move back to Colorado.  Me, not so much.

Seriously I do the kids laundry every 2-3 days, yet this is Bristol's pj pile.  No wonder I have to do laundry every 3 days apparently she needs to change pj's multiple times during the night.  Am I the only one who has a kid who does this.  Did I get that lucky?

Bristol told me "Mommy look at Eldon, that doesn't look like good idea" I thought his "boat" looked pretty fun. He was having a blast, there was no whine coming out of his mouth, and I didn't see how he could hurt himself. So I was cool with it.

Essie nail polish. Love the colors. Hate the polish. There has to be some kind of trick to it because everyone swears by it but I just don't think it is worth $8 a bottle. I have 3 bottles and only use it because I can't find similar colors in other brands but this stuff goes on way too thick, takes forever to dry, and chips faster than my el-cheapo sally hanson stuff. Then too top it all off I spent at least 3 hours doing my nails and then decided to play with fabric paint. Ya, you guessed it-- I had to redo my nails. Thankfully the striped fingers were the only unharmed nails on my hands.

Well that is all I have for you today.

How was your week this week?  Did it seem to go by just as fast as mine? 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

36 weeks

You know what would be awesome right now?  A pedicure and Yogurtland.  Scratch that, a pedicure while eating Yogurtland.   Not likely to happen.  I miss frozen yogurt places so much. Can you tell?

As I said on Monday I have been trying to do my new pregnancy yoga video everyday in hopes that it will cure all my achy joints and it really seems to be helping.  I am actually able to bend over without crying out in pain, cleaning isn't as contraction inducing as it was there for a week or 2, and I seem to be waking up in way less pain.  I still have very painful hands and feet going on but I will take it over the entire body pain.  

I probably should not be typing anymore at this point.  I just got back from my doctors appointment and to say I am in a sour mood is a bit of an understatement.  I have made absolutely no progress.  
Voice in my head:  Savanna, you are only 36 weeks pregnant--why the heck would you be expecting progress?  
Me: Well because with the other 2, I was already dilated to a 2 at this point-- this is number 3.  It is supposed to just walk out.  
VIMH: But I thought you wanted to stay pregnant until at least 39 weeks?
Me: Do you realize I am pregnant?
VIMH: Yes.  Isn't that what we are talking about?
Me: If you know I am pregnant, why the HECK do you think I want to be rational?   I have no desire to be rational.  Instead, I wanted to be at a 2, darn it.  I want this baby ready to walk out.  
VIMH: (I wonder if I could move?)

Does that properly explain how I am feeling right now?  I think I am getting too the point where I probably shouldn't be around anyone because I am getting very emotional and grumpy.  And all I want is some frozen yogurt.

Let's see what I wore this week.  Prepare for me to blind you!   I don't like wearing dresses, skirts, or shorts.  And usually when I do wear a dress or a skirt it is of the maxi variety.   I like jeans but this week jeans were uncomfortable so I had to settle on my least favorite things to wear.  And you can tell exactly how little I show my legs in these pictures.  

Cardigan/Target--Top/Old navy--Skirt/me--shoes/Toms
I was a little bummed about this skirt.  It was a maxi skirt that I made a while back and it was too big.  So I made another one and kept this one intending to use it to make something for Bristol.  But I kept seeing all these beautiful pregnant women wearing pencil skirts so I decided to alter it.   It fit great for all of an hour and then stretched out into a very unflattering shape.   I just don't know what to do with this fabric.   It washes funky and stretches out even funkier but I spent a decent amount on it that I don't want to scrap it.   What to do, what to do?
Top and dress/Target
I was having such a good hair day this day.  Like I was loving the hair.  That rarely happens these days.  I also was enjoying this dress.  I bought it when I was prego with Bristol because Jeremy loves when I show my legs.  Poor husband rarely gets his wish.  I wore it once with her and then retired it.  Never wore it with Eldon because I was in the maternity clothes stage in the dead of winter in Colorado.  So the other day I decided to put it on because I was going to be in the car for most of the day and Little Turkey hates 2 things when I am in the car-- anything tight on my waist and the seat belt.  Since the seat belt is mandatory I decided to give the pants a break.  I felt like it really slimmed me out.  Not that you can tell from this angle.  
Cardigan/?--Top/Old Navy--Shorts/Target--Shoes/Toms

Well that is it for today.  I have nothing else.  Other than I really should invest in sunless tanning lotion, like yesterday.

Am I the only person who hates wearing anything but jeans?

***I am updating this because I meant to add a gender poll yesterday and totally forgot.   If you want  to cast your vote for boy or girl, the poll is on the left side of the screen.

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