Monday, May 13, 2013

Running, Mother's Day, and Muscle Men

I had a wonderful day yesterday. The kiddos slept in, husband made homemade cinnamon rolls and almond roca iced lattes for us, we watched church, and finished it off with my favorite dinner of salmon, quinoa, and corn.  I am really starting to miss going to church. Watching it on tv is just not the same.   I am missing it so much that I am actually considering trying out churches up here again.   I must be recovering from the last round.   

Migraines.  Oh boy have they gotten worse this week.   I finally broke down and got a prescription for better stuff than Tylenol and it came at just the right time because apparently 1 a day isn't enough I now need to get 2 migraines a day.   I think I may give up caffeine just to see if it helps.  But I think my family might run away if they have to deal with an non caffeinated Savanna. I would probably run away too.  But that being said, I am currently brewing my Morning Joe.  

I was looking on amazon last night for a workout shirt for Jeremy.  This was one of the options.
Can we just say GROSS!  

8 weeks ago, I hit the 3 mile mark.  I said I wasn't sure if I would keep going or just stick with 3 miles for the rest of this pregnancy but I did it. I hit 4 miles tonight kind of by accident.  These last couple of runs I have been beating myself up because I am needing to take frequent breaks but then I realized  hello Savanna you are 30 weeks pregnant of course you need to take a break when running. You can't even clean the whole house without taking breaks. So I stopped concentrating on time so much and decided to just start going with the flow of running, that is how I said hello to mile 4.  Which is where I want to stay mostly because I will have to take 6 weeks off after the baby is born and I don't want to get to the magic 5 mile only to not be able to do it again for months because I have to rebuild my endurance after birthing a human.   Is that being a quitter? Maybe but it is a decision I can work with.  And I do plan to get back into Barre3 about 2-3 weeks after baby is born depending on how my body is recovering but the biggest thing I learned from having Bristol other than taking a shower/ bath right away makes you come out of the labor fog--- my body needs me to take time off and heal after the baby is born.  I may feel great and have a ton of energy but it is not a sign to run a marathon. 

I feel like this weekend went by a little too fast.  But I am sure you feel that way too, right?   Well I need to eat breakfast, I am done waiting on a sleeping Eldon. He can just eat when he wakes up.  

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