Monday, May 13, 2013

Ribbon Chandelier

Slowly but surely I am checking off craft projects from my kid's room board on Pinterest.  

I fell in love with this idea and knew it was something that needed to make its way into Bristol's room.   I did a few things different than the original tutorial.  

1.  I didn't make it quite as full and I only used one hoop.  Well technically it wasn't even a hoop.   I used PEX tubing from the plumbing section at Home Depot.  Sorry but I couldn't bring myself to spend $9 on a hula hoop when I had already spent $18 on ribbon.  And the dollar store in our little town doesn't carry hula hoops.  Jeremy joined the 2 ends of the tubing together with a 1/4 inch bolt.  
2.  I tied my ribbon on differently as well.  Maybe if I didn't have a limited amount of ribbon I would have doubled it up like the original tutorial but I didn't have an unlimited supply so I just double knotted it to the hoop.  I actually like the kind of crazy look it gives.  Perfect for a little girls room.
I did do my dot punches the way the tutorial suggested.  I used scrapbook paper I had that is also going to show up as bunting for the room.
I didn't get to precise on how long I cut the ribbons.  They are all around 2 feet but some are a tad longer and some are a little shorter.  
Now I need to find a different spot for the pictures on the wall.
Eventually her crib will come out and in will go her twin bed with the head board right under the chandelier. But that is another project for a different week.  But we do only have 9 weeks left before we kind of need this crib for Little Turkey.

Supply break down:
1/4 inch PEX tubing $1.77
Ribbon $18
circle punch $4
paper- already had
fishing wire- already had
Total spent $23.77

Now shall we see a list of what I would still like to do?  I think so.

  • curtain panels
  • blackout fake roman shade
  • bible verse printable (already done just need to finish painting the frames)
  • make twin bed
  • bedding
  • abc and shape bunting (waiting on my twill tape)
  • ribbon chandelier
  • canvas night light

I had to add the last 2 so it would seem like I have actually made a little bit of progress.

What do you think of the project?  Bristol loves it by the way.  She was mad when we didn't put it up till Sunday night because I wasn't done with it before her bed time Saturday.

I am linking up with two of my favorite blogs, Bower Power and Young House Love, for the Spring Pinterest Challenge where the encourage you to stop pinning and start doing.  


  1. I LOVE this!! Such a cute idea... my mom made a beautiful chandelier type mobile for Mia, but I want to make a ribbon chandelier, I'll find an excuse for it :)

  2. that is SO cute!! I would love that as a baby mobile! so bright and happy!!

    1. It would definitely make an awesome baby mobile.


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