Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Belated Mother's Day trip...

Yesterday was wonderful.  It was a great belated Mother's Day.   We didn't do anything super special last Sunday because the kids were still in the 14 day period after the surgery and what I had in mind would take them too far from the hospital in case of an emergency.  

Personally at this point in our lives I would much rather spend the day doing something fun with my kiddos for Mother's day then going off on my own.  I am sure eventually I will want a day of pampering but this year my choice was a day at the San Diego Safari Park.   Since we have annual passes we get unlimited entrance to the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park as well.    This was our first time going to the Safari Park as a family and I haven't been there since I was a kiddo myself.   It was a blast.  The kids loved running around, looking at all the different animals and getting to spend time with my Mom and Dad.   Bristol said her favorite animal was the elephants because they played in the water.    Eldon says Paga is his favorite but we all already knew that.  

The kiddos were awesome.  Very few breakdowns, they listened pretty well, and they even left the splash pad without throwing a fit.  MIRACLE.  

I was so glad I had extra clothes for them after they got soaking wet playing in the water.  Next time I will just pack their bathing suit.  

I definitely can't wait to go back but it probably wont happen till after Little Turkey is born because I only have about 4 more weeks before I am restricted on travel and we have a lot of projects to finish up.  

Sadly there was no family picture.  I don't know why we wait until the end of the day to try and get one because it never works out well.  Next family outing the first thing we will be doing is taking a picture.  

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  1. how fun! that picture with all the giraffes is so cool!!


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