Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

my mother in law

my mom
My sister, me, my niece, and my mom

I am blessed to have 2 amazing mothers in my life, my own mother and my mother in law.   

My mother in law is amazing woman, who has so much patience and love for my kiddos.  She does so much for Jeremy and I-- whether it is meeting us in parking lot so she can drive napping kiddos to her house while we use her vehicle to finish our errands or making me beautiful jewelry based on something that I pinned. She always has wise advice for me on how to raise up Godly children and I frequently seek her input because I have seen what am amazing job she has done with her 3 kids.  She sends me encouragement when she feels I need it.  She is an amazing, nothing like all those horror stories you hear about.

My own mom doesn't live quite as close but if she did I am sure she would be willing to do just as much for us as my mother in law does.  I know this because her and my dad are always willing to come up and watch the kiddos so we can go on an adventure.   She is an incredibly caring woman who loves her Grandchildren to pieces.   She is always willing to put her family in front of her own needs.  She too is a Godly women.     

Me-- well I do my best.   I am not what a mom "should" be.  I am grumpy, like my personal space, love the quiet, and cannot function on no sleep.  I have to remind myself to enjoy the little moments, to find joy in this crazy time.  But I love my kids more than life itself.  They make me so happy, even when all they do all day is whine.   I strive to be a Godly influence in their lives, showing them through my own walk instead of preaching at them.  I try to show them that just because I am mommy it doesn't mean I am not still me.  It doesn't mean I have to give up taking care of myself and my body.  While I am not the mom who can find joy in middle-of-the-night wake up calls (probably because I make Jeremy take those), I am me.  And most days I believe I am the best Mom for my kids.  

Happy Mother's day to all those moms who read this.   Remember that it is okay to take a quiet moment for yourself especially today but every day because when you are a better mom when you are refreshed.

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