Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kiddo Update

Today started out pretty rough. As I mentioned this morning Bristol threw up a few times last night so by this morning her pour throat was pretty sore.  She was refusing to eat and drink. Which caused a lot of prayers for patience and understanding on mine and Jeremy's part.  I didn't want to give her any more pain medicine until she had something in her stomach because I was worried it would cause even more vomiting.  After offering oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, popsicles and a Gatorade slushy nothing was working.  So Jeremy ran to the store for a special treat.  Normally the kiddos only kid capri suns when my parents come to visit but we were desperate and our desperation paid off.  Bristol finally took a few sips of juice.   But she was refusing her medicine at this point.  So Jeremy had to hold her down why I squirted it in the back of her throat.   Thankfully about an hour later she started munching on frozen blueberries and followed it up with a huge portion of mac n cheese.  She has also had a little bit of pudding and yogurt.  She woke up not wanting to eat from nap time but that's okay she has been drinking like a champ.  Hopefully once the new dose of her medicine kicks in she will ask for food. 

Eldon well not much to say about him.  He is supposed to be taking it easy but you can't even tell he had surgery. The kids has way to much energy.  He did wake up from nap time in pain.  I think it was more of extreme dry mouth and need some Tylenol but other than that he has been doing fine today.   He is being such a trooper.  So is Fuss.

We have just been taking it easy letting the kids pretty much run the show.  Which means lots of iPad time and movie watching.

We are hoping for a better night sleep for Fuss tonight and us as well since we are sleeping in the living room with her while she is on the heavy pain medicine.  Once she is down to just Tylenol we will put her back in her room. 

I am really wishing right now that we lived near a Costco still because we are going to need more capri suns and mac n cheese here quickly and those things are such a better deal in bulk. 

Please keep them in your prayers, for quick healing and that there are no complications.  

No picture for this post since they are just now getting ready to take a bath and change out of the clothes that they wore to surgery yesterday.  

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