Friday, May 24, 2013

Instagram Friday

Another Friday, another phone update.   This week has been nice.  Not a lot going on so I have gotten a lot done.   It always makes me happy when I can check things of my to do list.  

I have been slacking on doing school with Bristol.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things and finish out the alphabet.  We are on our last lesson of O.
Fussy Girl breaking her peanuts at the Texas Roadhouse.  I love this place.  I don't know what it is about the house salad but it is my favorite.    And the rolls.  And the steak.  And the cactus blossom.  You get the point, I love it all.   I miss it, so every time we head towards my parents house we usually stop because it is the closest one to us.
This little guy.  He makes me smile.   A rare moment where he let me capture our snuggles
Progress.   All but 3 are done now.  The rest are ready to hang.
She is always asking me to take a picture of us.  How can I object?
Post work snuggles.  Someone had a long day.
More progress.  Other than hanging the frames and putting up curtains Bristol's room only needs a bed now.  If we owned our house instead of renting I would take down the closet doors and put up a curtain.  I hate these doors so much.  
A massive amount of almond roca lattes.    When we went to the Safari Park to save ourselves some money we used our handy dandy espresso machine and made coffee for the road.  It was so yummy and prefect.  Plus we didn't have to go to megabucks.  Definitely a win.  I am not sure why we haven't done this in the past.
Everything is better in a mason jar.  My daily almond roca latte
I was miserable and cramping something fierce. So miserable that I had to lay down before the kids bed time.  Bristol decided to join me.  We snuggled on the bed and watched Veggie Tales on the iPad.  Eldon came and joined us a little while later.   

I saw this post yesterday. Yep it is a post about a DIY arrow onesie but I thought hmm if she can draw on a onesie why can't I do my nails. So here we are. The arrow ran a little when I put the top coat on it and that made me sad but I was too lazy to fix it. Maybe next time.

Any fun plans for the holiday weekend?   We are just enjoying our time off.  I want to get the picture frames hung up.  And maybe start the yarn ball chandelier for Eldon and Little Turkeys room.  Plus I got the stuff to screen print the meet the baby shirts so I am going to play around with that as well.   

Happy Friday everyone!
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