Friday, May 17, 2013

Instagram: The edition where I should have drank my coffee first.

If you want positivity this morning... I suggest you find another blog.   I have none today.  I have slept miserably for the last week, the bottoms of my feet hurt, my belly is uncomfortable, Little Turkey has decided that my ribs are target practice, the big 2 are having a contest for who can latch onto mommy the most and did I mention haven't slept all week.   I am seriously considering taking a sleeping pill.  Like I said no upbeatsness here today. 

Now I am going  to blog how I intended too this morning when I was writing it in my head while heating up the kids breakfast. My husband is amazing.  Last night I was miserably uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that I didn't run.  I didn't do exercise of any form because I hurt.  Instead I went to bed at 9.  It would have been sooner but it is a lot of work to get off the couch and I didn't make the move until my ribs could no longer take the wonderfully uncomfortable position I was laying in. I left the kitchen a mess and the living room had toys everywhere because our usual bribe the kids with iPad time didn't work.   They in fact wanted nothing to do with cleaning up.  So back to my messy house and amazing husband.  He cleaned up the kitchen for me.   Which he has been doing pretty much every night this week because I have no energy and have not slept.  It was so nice.   All I had to do was turn on the dishwasher.  

Yep I walked into the kitchen to find this.  It was a wonderful topper to my already fantastic morning.

Now that I have ranted maybe I should get down to the usual business and show you my week according to phone pictures.  I don't feel any better after that rant... maybe I should keep going.  Or not.

Last weekend was a nice relaxing weekend.  We started with our usual lazy mornings on the couch.
I love these 3 so much.
I crafted a little. 
I could not wake up this day, so an extra cup of joe was needed
Why do I pay for lattes when I have an espresso maker?
I have since stopped and started making me own. 

Fuss insisted on boots because she "needed to cover her wegs"

I love when she asks me to take a picture of me and her

Pretending to drive my truck...only 12 years until its the real deal
They deep cleaned my car for me.  It looks wonderful.
I was making them homemade pizza, so they did my dishes.  
Grocery store win.  Savanna fail. 
The store knew I couldn't just take one for National Cookie Day.
Sissy had to go to bed early from a rather impressive temper tantrum.  Eldon was telling her "wuv ou" over the baby monitor. 

Isn't this what everyone uses their cozy coupe for?

What do you think the chances are of me convincing Jeremy I need these new Toms?
Hint...he completely ignored the text message I sent about them yesterday. 
Yes, I have a problem.  No I don't think it needs to be fixed. Best cure, buy me these. Size 9.  I should probably unsubscribe to their newsletter.

Pineapple upside-down cake.  I have been craving this forever.  Yesterday at MOPs they had minis--I ate 2.  I should have taken 2 for the road.  

I am hoping today turns around.  I am praying.   Because I have a lot to do.  Tomorrow we are going to the Safari Park for our belated Mother's Day outing.  Hopefully I get a good nights sleep and my feet stop hurting so I can enjoy the day instead of wonder what the heck I was thinking wanting to go walk around for hours on end while 8 months pregnant.   Yep.  There is that positivity again.  Maybe I should drink my coffee before I blog next time. 

Happy Friday y'all.

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  1. You make me giggle. :)

    Okay okay I'll be more specific so you don't think I'm a spammer: "wuv ou", needing to unsubscribe to the Toms newsletter, and eating lots of cookies. I love Chips Ahoy.


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