Friday, May 10, 2013

Instagram: Cars and Snuggles

This was a week of playing catch up.  Trying to get back on my regular cleaning schedule, trying too get the kids back to a some what normal schedule, and trying to get caught up on relaxation.   I did get the house cleaned and the kids back on schedule but relaxation had to wait because there were far to many piles of laundry calling my name and my floors hadn't been cleaned in like 2 weeks.    Which means there was not a whole lot of phone picture taking this week.  
Daddy snuggles

Bristol loves music and singing.  One afternoon she woke up from her nap early and watched The Voice with me.

The kids were not having the whole relax and let your body heal after surgery thing so they went out in the garage to burn off some of that energy.

Eldon loves his cars

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it's a gold thing

waiting to see the doctor

Yesterday was our last doctor's appointment for the kiddos until their regular yearly visits.  Which is awesome!  To bad my OB appointments start picking up in frequency in the next 2 weeks.  But I am going to enjoy this 2 week break.   

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