Friday, May 3, 2013

Instagram: Car rides, alarms, and shoes

If my children ever need surgery again remind me to not be pregnant durning this time because the restricted amount of caffine and no alchol thing is making it a little hard to get throught the day. I am kidding, well only half kidding.   I really wish I could pound coffee all day since sleep is a thing of the past around here right now.    

The kids are actually doing a lot better than I expect.   Bristol was having a pretty rough time the first 2 days but last night she made it through the night without waking up in pain which meant Jeremy and I got to sleep in our bed all night.  Eldon did really good for the first 2 days but he has been a lot more whiny, which means he is not feeling well.   I should probably be thankful that they are not miserable at the same time.   

It has been really hard being cooped up in the house this whole time.   I am thinking if there is no wind today and if the kids are doing okay we might play in the back yard or at the very least go for a walk because I think a little fresh air would do us all some good.  

My Instagram feed has been kinda slow this week.   Understandably, right?
We have a bird nest in our backyard.  Apparently birds like us because we had one on our front porch in Colorado as well.

Last Friday we all needed to get out of the house.  It had been a long week and the weather was pretty windy so it meant a lot of days in the house.    So we took a drive up to Lake Isabella.   Right now the lake is super low because they are doing work to the dam but it was still a beautiful sight.  The kids were a little mad that they couldn't get out and play in the water like we usually do.
We had dinner at one of our favorite places to eat up there.  Kern River Brewing company.   Towards the end of the meal the kiddos started getting restless so I did what any well respected parent does and I pulled out the iPad.   Judge away!  I used to be one of the mom's that judged but honestly if it means I get to finish my meal in peace they can have a little iPad time especially when my first line of defense (match boxes and coloring) stopped working.  And the fact that all they do on the iPad is play Letter School it is kind of a win for me.   

Bristol's hair is the perfect length for Savanna-hair these days.  I really wish my hair was long enough and we could rock it together.  

No wind means a little bit of backyard time for the kiddos and reading for mommy.
Sunday it hit 99 here so we pulled out the sprinkler.  The kiddos weren't sure what to think at first.  
I love when they both fall asleep in the car.  Too bad it only lasted about 10 minutes before they woke up and were ready to get out.  

I seriously have a problem.  I love Toms way too much.   My pregnant feet are a little to blame for my new pair as they scream in pain when I wear anything else.   But the pairs for the kiddos well I have no excuse for those except they were $10 a piece which is a total steal.   My Sister In Law went to the warehouse sale and offered to look for shoes for us.   When she sent me a picture of 3 pair to choose from for Bristol I was ecstatic to see the dot ones.  I have wanted to get those for Fuss for like 5 months now.  But they came out right after I bought her first pair of Toms.    So I knew we had to have them but then I went ahead and showed the picture to Bristol to see which pair she liked.  Of course she didn't want the dot ones, she wanted the purple ones.  The flashy, glittery purple ones.   For $10 I said what the heck and got the pair I wanted too.  And Eldon got his first pair as well.   Afterwards I was thinking, I should have had her look for a pair for Little Turkey.  Oh well, gives me and excuse for the next sale.  

My alarm went off at 4 am the day of the kiddos surgery.  We stayed at my In Laws the night before because it was only about a 45 minute drive from their house instead of a 2 plus hour drive from ours.   We still had to be in the car be 5:45 am which is 30 minutes before my alarm usually starts going off.

They love each other so much, I hope Little Turkey fits in there.   

Someone must be felling better.

Now I am going to get off the computer and try to get caught up on the house work that I have been neglecting over the last 4 days.  Maybe I will also put the kids in something other than pj's today.  

Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend?
I would love to to go do something fun but the kids are supposed to take it easy until their post op appointment next Thursday   

life rearranged


  1. Wow. It does sound like a crazy week for you! And I'm super jealous that you can shop at a warehouse sale for Toms! Or at least have someone shop for you!

    1. It is pretty awesome... saves us a lot of money ;)

  2. Your little girls top knot is precious!
    Also - I've been searching for a pair of sequined leopard print TOMS forever. I have never really wanted any until I saw that pair -- and of course, I don't think they are new so I wish I could've gone to the warehouse sale. I do love the cute dotted ones you got for your daugther!!

    1. Maybe check eBay or amazon--they have some of the older ones.


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