Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Distressed maternity jeans

I have wanted a new pair of distressed jeans forever now.   I used to have a pair and they were well loved. I wore them all the time so much so I wore them out.  It was a sad day.   I was just waiting to find a new perfect pair to replace them.  And then I got pregnant again and that kind of threw the denim search out the window.  I considered buying a pair in my usual size from Forever 21 but honestly my size varies there so I wasn't comfortable with it.  So I gave up on my denim desire until after this baby is born
And then I pinned this.
Since I had 2 way to big big for me pairs of maternity jeans sitting at the top of my closet I decided that I would experiment with them.   And I do mean they are too big.  Like they fall off of me
1st pair before


I love how they turned out.  I just wish they were my actual size but I do plan to keep wearing them.  I also used this tutorial to make them straight leg instead of boot cut.  Not that you can tell because I have them cuffed.  
2nd pair before
Now I am going to flood you with after pictures of these ones because this cute little boy had to get in every picture.
He ran from across the room

Didn't quite make it in time

I am really happy with how these ones turned out.  I am actually considering adding lace to them.  I also made them straight leg as well.

What do you think?

Should we talk about how horribly awkward of a model I am?  I feel so weird taking these pictures.


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