Monday, May 6, 2013

Brain dump: Cars, Kiddo Updates, and Laundry Mountains

Eldon "Daddy play cars?"  

The kids are doing so good!  I thought it would be at least today or tomorrow before they were back to normal but Saturday was the day.  Eldon did get tired out a little more quickly than normal but the kid just had surgery so it is kind of expected.  We have only been giving Tylenol at bed time the last 2 days and they seem to be doing great.  I think it is just because the slow down enough when they are trying to stretch out falling asleep to realize they are a little sore.

Things I thought my kids would eat while recovering:
Mac n cheese
Ice cream

Things they actually eat:
Mac n cheese
Frozen blueberries
String cheese

It rained for all of 3 seconds yesterday. Just long enough to get our hopes up and short enough to remind us that we live in the desert.  It is supposed to rain today but it is super sunny so I am willing to bet we will just have crazy wind storms instead.

I feel bad for Jeremy. This weekend I have been trying to get stuff knocked of my to-do list like wash the down comforter and shower curtains and clean and organize the linen closet which I got all 3 done but it wiped me out for the rest of the day. And I was grumpy and taking out my pregnancy discomfort on him.   He puts up with a lot from me and does it with a way better attitude than I would if the rolls were reversed.  Even sorting baby clothes is a work out for me.

I refashioned my first pair of jeans yesterday and then I went on and did a second pair.  I will probably post pictures tomorrow, since I need Jeremy to play photographer man.

My treadmill is FIXED!  Come on I haven't talked about running in like a week so you had to know it was coming.  A while back I tripped while running and stretched out the belt, finally I remembered to ask Jeremy to fix it while he was home.  Instead of the other 5 times I have asked he has been at work and asked me to remind him when he got home.  Which I always forget until I am on it and he is out running himself. So that was my big ol' story just to tell you it is fixed, the belt is tight and I don't have to fork over $80 for a new belt which is exactly twice the amount we paid for it (got to love craigslist).  I did a slow 3.7 miles last night but that had a lot to do with fact that I walked a lot on it because the belt was being adjusted. 

On that same note, Saturday night I did Barre3.  I did a leg workout and an arm workout.  Ya, I did it because I feel like my legs are getting weaker and the only way I am going to continue to run is if I do a little bit of strength training but that leg workout is a killer. The combination of legs, plus the little bit of legs in the arm workout and my run last night, I don't think it is a good idea for me to bend down today.  I will have no hope of getting back up.  But I plan to do it again tonight just because I have a death wish.  I highly recommend Barre3 and talk about it a lot.  I love the changes I see in my body when I do the videos regularly.

Can someone come clean up my house for me?  I am so behind right now and I really don't want to play catch up.  Thankfully this is the last week that we have to go to Lancaster for a doctors appointment mid week so things should be back on track next week.  One can hope, right?
Our pile of laundry waiting to be folded.  It includes all of our newborn-3 month baby clothes for both genders.

We had Salmon for dinner last night (big shocker) and it was the first time I didn't have to fight the kids for more. Usually they eat their first helping super fast and then move onto the leftovers but last night they wanted mac n cheese. Which in our house is a rare thing, I never make the kids a different meal than us.  They eat what I fix or they don't eat.  But since I need real food and can't live off mac n cheese they have been getting a different meal than us almost every night since surgery.  Well that is going to stop once they get the all clear from the doctor Thursday until then I will enjoy my extra salmon. 

I started working on the bible verse prints for Bristol and Eldon's room this weekend.  I hope to finish them up in the next couple days and then paint the frames and get them up by this weekend.    One of these days I would love to own Photoshop Elements for stuff like this.  Also on my software dream list is Lightroom but for now I will keep using Picasa.
I really like how they are turning out.

Well that is how our weekend went.  How was yours?

Yep, this post was random as usual.  

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