Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brain dump and scenes from the last couple of weeks.

Scenes from the last couple of weeks.  
She is so beautiful. 
I love her joy.
A rare well behaved dog moment
 mimicking mommy

look at mine mommy

Eldon is still in the "no titure" phase. And runs from the camera every time I pull it out.  It is making this months 365 pictures interesting.

I haven't been able to run the last 2 days.  My body was so uncomfortable yesterday.  My back felt like it was splitting in 2.  Sunday I did actually try but I started contracting as soon as I finished my warm up so I had to stop. I am really hoping I will be able to run tonight.  Because I am about 22 miles from my overall 120 mile goal and 52 miles from my 150 mile dream goal.  I did do yoga though yesterday so hopefully that will help with my uncomfortableness.

Jeremy got to run last night and I was jealous and thought it was unfair. That is how childish I can be.

It seems like we are getting away from Eldon's falling asleep on the floor.  For the last week or so he has stayed in his bed at night.    He totally made a liar out of me after I typed this last night.  He slept in front of the door until Mommy and Daddy went to bed.  

Today is ultrasound day. I am curious to see if Little Turkey finally cooperates and lets us see it.  I would love to actually have a good sonogram picture of this baby in the womb.

I am really looking forward to Yogurtland this weekend since it is my replacement for iTop It.    I miss living in a big city.

I burnt the top of my head where my hair parts Saturday while we were at the Safari Park.   Every. Single. Time.   Am I the only one who always forgets sunscreen there?   I actually tried to get a hat for the outing but apparently I have a big head so none of them fit.  I always thought Eldon's 95th percentile head came from Jeremy but apparently it is truly from mommy.   We will just pretend it is the massive amount of hair that I have on my head that makes it hard for me to find a hat.   Because I do have a really ridiculous amount of hair.  Don't believe me... ask anyone who has ever had to cut it or dye it.  Not fun.

Speaking of hair... I get mine cut and colored in 16 days.  I am hoping to get back to my natural color (same as Eldon's) and then I am never coloring it again.    I am also adding a lot of layers to it because it is getting really heavy + the summer heat makes for a really hot neck.

Well I am going to go through my morning blog reads then clean up the house and get dinner in the crock pot so it is one less thing we have to worry about tonight.   I am so looking forward to Beef Stroganoff and corn bread.  Mmmm meat.

What are you having for dinner?

Have a great Tuesday.  

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  1. i'm impressed with all the running that you are doing! even if it isn't as much as you want. and I lOVE yogurtland!


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