Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bible verse collage and abc and shape garland.

Right now the kiddos are singing me Jesus Loves Me.  It is warming my heart.  Especially now that Eldon is learning some of the lines.   

I should really learn how to take pictures of decor.  Mine stink and I personally don't think they do my awesome bible verse collage justice.   Over the weekend I finally took the time to finish these up.  All I had left to do was the hanging but I swear it took just as much time as the painting.  

 Here is what the actual prints look like.   I did them all myself and I was pretty happy with how they came out.

This one is actually going on Eldon's wall.   

I love the NLT version of the verse.  I know most use one of the versions that starts off with train instead of direct but I just like the direct idea better.   

I love this verse for Bristol

That banner took forever!

My addiction to free fonts really came in handy for this project.  

 I actually finished up her garland last weekend and hung it then.  I was working on a banner for our mantel (very slowly coming along) and Bristol asked if I would make one for her room.   I was happy to agree.  I used my Cricut for all the shapes and letter.  They are on scrap booking paper.  The same paper I used on her ribbon chandelier.

I am pretty much done with decorating projects for her room.  We are still working on the bed situation.  Plus I need to get the other curtain panel.  I actually went to get it this past Friday when we were at Target but totally forgot to look and see what size I needed didn't really matter anyways as they were all out of the pink blackout curtain panel that I needed.   I also bought a curtain rod but it was too small so I need to exchange it.   Clearly she wasn't meant to get a curtain this weekend. 

My list is looking almost complete then I can move onto Eldon and Little Turkey's room.
My original plan was to wait until after Little Turkey was born to make the crib bedding since it is a surprise and I really wanted to use purple in the bedding if it was a girl but I have since changed my mind.   I am going to go with green, teal, navy, and orange.  The only difference is I was only going to use navy if it was a boy but I have been working on a few other things and I really like how the navy is working with the other colors. But if I do happen to get it done before the baby is born I am holding off on the bed skirt because I would still love to do a tutu bed skirt if it is a girl.   

Well I need to get a move on my morning.   Happy Tuesday!

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