Thursday, May 23, 2013

Awe that is what round ligament pain is....

Some days I am just uncomfortable. While I am trying to enjoying this pregnancy more and I truly am enjoying it more but it doesn't mean I don't get grumpy, uncomfortable, or frustrated.  And the closer I get to the end the more I am feeling the effects of this 3rd pregnancy.    

I had another episode of round ligament pain last night... never experienced this before? It is a treat you are missing out on. It is like a Charlie horse for the right side of your belly.  I would much rather have a Charlie horse. Anyways you can't move because your whole side is in mind numbing pain, well not numbing because I was thinking this is worse than any freaking contraction I had with Eldon but you need to move because that is how you get rid of said pain. But since I am as big as a house it is impossible to move so the husband had to roll me over while I am screeching in pain and then I had to pee.   Yep.  It was awesome.  So then after I got rid of the pain and went pee, I googled ways to help.  Yep, basically I'm screwed and should be thankful that I only have 8 weeks left.

Well then this morning, I had lots to do.  Well lots for me.  A trip to the grocery store because it was my only chance before this weekend and I hate going to the store on the weekend.  But I knew how much it would tire me out so I decided to do my vacuuming, laundry, and kitchen cleaning before hand.  Only I had this wonderful side pain left over from the above mention round ligament pain last night.  So every time I moved I would get a sharp pain all along my right side.  It made pushing the vacuum around the house a joy.  You might be asking why I didn't stop at this point, well that is because I am crazy and couldn't stand the thought of leaving the house dirty.   Yep crazy.  So once I finally got the house cleaned, I headed out.   Only to start getting super nauseous because I hadn't eaten enough food this morning before I left.  Yep made for great shopping.  At least the kids were their usual well behaved awesome in public selves.  Don't worry, they make up for it at home. 

Then we got home, I threw dinner in the crockpot because I was still defrosting the meat before I left, we had lunch and then I got to sit down for the first time today.  It was bliss.  Until it came time to getting off the couch, to pee of course, because of how the baby is sitting it makes it pretty hard to bend forward.  Like almost impossible.  

Nap time... My second favorite time of day (bedtime is my first).  Oh wait I still haven't eaten enough or had enough water today, combined with lack of sleep last night, I got a migraine. 

Now we are waiting for Jeremy to get home so we can have some wonderful dinner.

Yep I complained a lot in this post and that may irritate some but that is okay.  I should also say that yes I know just how lucky I am to be pregnant and I am really grateful for this baby but some times a girl just needs to complain.  It doesn't make her any less grateful it just makes her human.  

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