Wednesday, May 29, 2013

33 weeks

Top/JCP--Jeans/Burlington Coat Factoy-- Shoes/Toms

Well we are just starting out with belly pictures today.  Mostly because I was feeling all cute in this yesterday morning.  Thinking this shirt was flattering and made my belly look oh-so-small but then I saw these pictures.   And this shirt makes me look anything but small.   

I have very few clothes that work these days.  They just are not long enough.   I am pretty long in the torso so I already have a hard time finding clothes that fit right and then you throw in my mondo pregnant belly and well, it makes for a very interesting last few weeks.

Not much has been developing in the pregnancy department lately.  Some days I feel great, others I remember why I didn't really enjoy it the first 2 times.  Some days my feet are awesome and other days the bottoms of them hurt so bad I can barely walk on them.   Some days I exercise other days I regret eating way too much shrimp alfredo for dinner and lay on the couch knowing that if I even attempted to run my food might just come back up since it is already burning the crud out of my throat.   Some days I sleep, other days I decided that 11 pm is in fact the perfect time to start working on pictures and blogging.   Yep that is pretty much where I am.  But I do know one thing.  Today is one of those days were I like knowing that I have as many as 7 weeks left because we haven't even started getting ready for this baby yet.  But hey it is our third so we should know a thing or 2 right?  Hahaha.    

Oh on the fashion front, I got my camera remote in the mail today.  No more timer and running to get in place and the awkwardly posing for picture.  Who are we kidding, I will be awkward no matter what.  

Sweater/Target--Top/Costco--Jeans/Old Navy refashioned by me

Top/Target--Skirt/Me--Hat/Target--Kids/Me :)
Bristol insisted on wearing these pants this day.  She kept saying, I want my mommy pants when I walked into her room to get her dressed.  So we walked around matching all day.  

pleated poppy

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  1. you look wonderful! i am 34 weeks pregnant and relate to a lot of what you wrote about it. props to you for having this be baby on my first pregnancy and wow, its been rough. thankfully only 6 weeks left! we can do it! :) take care!!


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