Wednesday, May 22, 2013

32 Weeks

8 months!  That is where I am at.  Craziness.   All those weeks ago I really didn't think I would get this far.   I was so scared.   And here we are lots of weeks later on the last leg of the journey.  Craziness.   I have been thinking a lot lately about the 2 babies we lost, not in a depressed sort of way but more of what could have been sort of way.   I don't know why this baby was the one the stuck maybe because it is a stubborn little thing.   We had another ultrasound today, just to make sure the baby was measuring on schedule and it was, well it was measuring 4 days ahead of schedule but I kind of roll my eyes at those kinds of measurements after Eldon was born 7+ pounds and they said he would be 10+ 3 days before.     Anyways the whole point of saying that is we STILL don't have a picture of the baby.  This time it was wedged so far down in my pelvic cavity there was no way a good picture was going to happen especially when getting the head measurements was painful enough.  I can understand its stubbornness   I would probably be stubborn too if my parents didn't want to know if I was a boy or girl but wanted to see my face.   All or nothing.  All or nothing.

Little Turkey is super active these days.  Monday night while I was trying to fall asleep it played kick the daddy for about an hour and while daddy got a kick out of it mommy and her bladder were sick of the game after about 2 seconds.

I pee at least 3 times in the time it takes me to take off my make up and wash my face when I am getting ready for bed.  And just when I am comfortable and about to fall asleep, I have to pee again.    

Belly shot...
Sweater/Target--Shirt/Old Navy Maternity--Skirt/Me

This week was one where I had no desire to get dressed.  Honestly I feel like I am back in my first trimester again, I have no desire to do anything but sleep which is not a happen thing around here with two little ones.  But I forced myself to get dressed because I knew it would help me to be productive.  And since I have been taking pictures of my outfits it makes me go the extra mile and do my hair and most days my makeup.
Sweater/Target--Shirt/Target Maternity--Jeans/Old Navy refashioned by me--Scarf/Me

Shirt/Not a clue-- Jeans/Old Navy Maternity
I think I wore this shirt last week.  Can't remember and I am too lazy to go look through pictures to confirm it.  But anyways I am not sure if I like it.  I like how big and comfy it is but at the same time it is so MATERNITY.   Jeremy likes it, which kind of shocked me because usually he hates anything that isn't form fitting.

I did love the necklace I wore with it though.  Another beautiful piece from my Mother In Law.   
I am trying to be better about wearing all of my jewelry instead of the same pieces over and over again.

Another Mother In Law piece, I told you she makes 99% of my jewelry.

Scarf/Me--Shirt/Old Navy Maternity--Jeans/Old Navy Maternity

This was one of those days where I was wearing yoga pants and my purple top.  Then I had to run a few last minute errands.  Thankfully I did something with my hair that morning but it was a no makeup day.  So I threw on the scarf, jeans, and my handy Toms.   Took 2 minutes but it was appropriate for the 10 minute trip into the store pushing the car cart.

I have been playing around with curling my hair with the flat iron and now that I am finally getting the hang of it, I think I like it better than the curling iron.  Because it leaves my hair less poofy and gives it of more a beachy wavey look I like.    

Well that is all I have for this Wednesday.  I totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit on Saturday while we were at the Safari Park.  

And just to keep things real around here this is what I am wearing today. Yoga pants and a tank top, no make up, mommy pony tail, and glasses. I have no desire to get dressed today since all I am doing is scrubbing toilets and maybe making a baby countdown banner for Bristol so she can see when we are getting our baby.  Since she was really sad that it had to stay in my belly last night after the ultrasound.

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  1. I can so relate to baby not showing it's face. I will be 37 weeks on Saturday and baby is so low and keeps it's hands in front of it's face all the time (we are also being surprised on the sex!). We have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure baby is growing ok (this one is a lot smaller than our daughter was) and I keep thinking how inaccurate those things are!

    1. Congratulations on almost being done! I hope the ultrasound went well and had good news.. Its crazy how far off the measurements can be.


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