Wednesday, May 15, 2013

31 weeks

top/Target--jeans/Old Navy Maternity (refashioned by me)-- flip flops/Sanuk 

like that spot on my belly?  It kind of gets in the way.

How did we already get to the single digit week countdown?  I feel like this pregnancy is going by way too fast.   Maybe because I spent the first 13 weeks thinking I would miscarry again so I was trying not to get me hopes up and then around week 10 the doctor started having confidence that I truly was going to make it this time but I was still holding onto the fact that I wasn't in the "safe" zone.  Now here I am almost 20 weeks later still pregnant with our Little Turkey.  Both Bristol and Eldon were very easy pregnancies, other than a struggle to gain weight in the beginning and problem with dizziness I really had no problems to speak of.  There was a thyroid thing that worked itself out and a placenta thing that ended up not causing any further problems but the fact is I have never really enjoyed either pregnancy.  The constipation, tiredness, aches, charlie horses, rib and bladder abuse-- these are just things I don't welcome with open arms.   Even though I have all these things this time along with round ligament pain I am actually not miserable.  I am enjoying it.  I hate that it took having 2 miscarriages to make me realize just how lucky I am to be able to carry my babies and for the most part do it rather comfortably.  I am lucky that I am still running 4 miles 3 days a week, I am lucky that I can do Barre3 3 times a week, I am lucky that my biggest complaint is about the taste of miralax, I am lucky that I only have migraines which are being squashed quickly these days with prescription medicine.    What I am trying to say and obviously missing the point on is that I am really enjoying it this go around.  We went into it not know if #3 would be our last so once I got past the 13 week mark I made a promise that I would just remember to enjoy it.  And I have.  So much so that I am not ready to have a baby in 6-9 weeks.  On one hand I can't wait to meet this baby and hear Jeremy say "It is a little _________"  but on the other hand I am okay with the next 9ish weeks going slower.  I want to enjoy these last moments with Bristol and Eldon being my only 2.  I want to savor the time where when we are in public we are on equal footing with 2 parents and 2 kids.  Because soon that is going to change.  Soon we are going to be out numbered.  Soon the baby will be here and will require a lot of the attention  I usually focus on the big 2.   Soon we will be using all those little baby clothes that we finally folded and put away last week after they sat in a laundry basket forever.  Soon we will need to put the middle row in Sequoia back down so we have somewhere for the baby to sit.   Soon. 

On a completely different note, I started working on the kiddos first meeting shirts.   Last pregnancy I had them designed but I decided to take a shot at it myself this time.  Now I need to find a few plain white shirts to iron the design onto.  

I have a copy made with our boy and girl name and I am just going to print both but we are not making our name choices public till the baby is here.  

What do you think?  I love how they turned out and can't wait to get  picture of all 3 kiddos in them.  Here is the one from Eldon's birth.
Eldon's onesie said Bristol's Little Brother and Bristol's said Eldon's Big Sister.

Okay now onto what I wore this week.   I am huge.  Nothing is fitting right.  And I still have at least 6 weeks to go. I am running out of options and you will probably start seeing a lot of my black tank tops because they are long enough still.
Top/Target--Jeans/Burlington Coat Factory--Shoes/Toms  
I thought I would change it up and wear my red Toms instead of my blue ones.

Top/Old Navy Maternity--Skirt/Me
So comfy I don't know why I don't wear these every day.

Cardigan/Ross--Top/Costco--Jeans/Old Navy maternity refashioned by me--Shoes/Toms

Top/No clue but it is maternity--Jeans/Old Navy Maternity--Shoes/Toms
I love the idea of these green pants but the further along I get the more uncomfartable they are to wear.  I actually only ended up wearing them for about an hour Monday before I threw on a different pair because I was trying to clean and having to stop to pull them up every 10 seconds was just down right annoying.   I can't wait to wear jeans with a real waist band again.

Cardigan/Target--Shirt/Costco--Jeans/Old Navy Maternity refashioned by me--Shoes/Toms

I like how small, well for being pregnant, I look in this one.   Yes it is almost the same outfit that I was wearing yesterday when I took my 31 week picture.  

Oh yeah this is a really long post but I have one more thing to show y'all.
Only one more shot of my belly with Bristol after this collage.  

Anyone actually make it to the end of this post?  I didn't think so.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

pleated poppy


  1. I made it to the end :). Can't wait to meet the Little Turkey and find out what his/her name will be!

  2. you look great!! and i love those distressed jeans! I wish I had a pair like that! glad you're enjoying this pregnancy!


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