Wednesday, May 8, 2013

30 weeks

Ugh!  I stayed up till midnight last night fixing the post I did yesterday.  Which resulted in me getting a migraine this morning from lack of sleep.  Thankfully Jeremy subscribes by email so all I have to do is a little copy and pasting for the text and the reformatting at the end but still it was annoying.   For whatever reason when I use the Blogger app on my phone it likes to delete post.  Which makes me sad because I like to write my brain dump post on my phone through out the week as my randomness that I feel needs to be shared with the world pops into my head.  Oh well enough about that.

10 more weeks!   Or as little as 7 more weeks.   I am hoping it will be closer to the 10.   With Eldon I kept saying all I want to do is make it too 38 weeks and then he can come.  The boy was such a good listener in the womb that he waited until I was 7 hours into my 38 week to make an appearance.   But I worry that he was born too early sometimes since he has been battling crazy allergies and breathing issues.  Hopefully which were fixed with surgery.   Anyways I said that because I want to make it to at least 39 weeks.   Blissfully miserably full term.   But I feel like I am going to be lucky to make it past 37 weeks.   Between the kiddos jumping on my belly, my activity level, and my general stress level-- I feel its not going to make for a 39 week baby.  I am praying about it and God knows exactly when the perfect time for this baby to come is and the only way I will try to encourage it to happen faster is if I make it past the 40 week mark.  

I passed my glucose test.   I was a little nervous this time around.  Probably because I have been consuming massive amounts of sugar in the last few months.  Also this was the first time the drink didn't make me really sick.   I think it was probably because my blood sugar was really low to start with because right before I took the drink I was getting dizzy and lightheaded because I hadn't had my morning snack.  So the drink evened me out.

Nothing else new to report this week.

I don't really think I have gotten bigger.  What do you think?

Cardigan/Target--Shirt/Target Maternity--Jeans/Old Navy (refashioned by me)--Shoes/Toms
Bristol is obsessed with taking pictures the last couple days.  We are seriously considering getting her a camera for her birthday.  But it will need to have a huge memory card because she burns through the memory way to fast.

My feet are still there.

A close up of the beautiful necklace my Mother In Law made me.   Fact--She makes 99.9% of my jewelry.

Shall we see how much I have grown?
Clearly the blue shirt is one of my favorites

Every since I started the Pleated Poppy's challenge to get dressed every day I have noticed a big difference in my productivity level and just overall happiness level.  I am doing something for me and that makes me a much better mom.  Getting dressed and doing my hair and most days my makeup may seem like a small thing but it goes a long way toward my mental health.   I also like how much Jeremy compliments me on days I put effort into myself.  Its amazing how big of a difference getting up 30 minutes earlier then the kids makes.   Although this week I didn't get dressed nearly as much since the kiddos were recovering from surgery.
White shirt/Motherhood Maternity--Pink shirt/Old Navy--Jeans/Burlington coat factory--shoes/Toms

My hair color is driving me nuts.  As soon as its back to its natural blonde color I will never dye it again.  Haha. 

Cardigan/Ross--Shirt/Costco--Pants/Old Navy maternity(refashioned by me)--Shoes/Toms

I really liked this outfit.  I think I will wear it again soon.   It was comfortable and the shirt was actually long enough to keep my belly covered all day which being a non maternity shirt is amazing because the maternity shirts barely cover my whole stomach.

Well thats all I have for you today.  Can you tell I am absoultely in love with my crochet Toms?
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